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Florida State Safety Check: How Are They Handling The Loss To Boston College?

Let’s check on the folks down in Florida

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College kicked FSU’s tail yesterday, and obviously Seminoles nation is not taking this very well. Let’s see how FSU blogs, papers, Tweeters and commenters are taking yesterday’s loss. It was a beautiful mix of desperation, disregard of a program that beat them by 32 points, and absolute furious anger towards Jimbo Fisher and his coaching staff. Let’s see how this all went down.

First there were some predictions before the game (via Tomahawk Nation):

Corey Clark of the Tallahassee Democrat:

“This coaching staff isn't coming back intact in 2018. It can't. Not after 2-5. Not after an embarrassing performance on national television against a team full of dudes FSU would never dream of recruiting.....”

“And on Friday night, in a game that felt like a must-win for bowl eligibility, it had no answers for Boston College.

Read that sentence again: Florida State had no answers for ... Boston ... College. “

And from the other writer Wayne McGahee

There is absolutely nothing positive to take away from this game for FSU.


The offense was abysmal, and the defense was just as bad.

Every time FSU did something good, it shot itself in the foot right after.

That’s the state of the team this season, and this is officially the worst FSU team since the 1970s.

Kirk Herbstreet even threw some shade at BC on College Gameday today, but still lol.

“[If you’re Florida State] You can’t be losing to teams with interior talent,” Herbstreit said. “[It] makes me wonder their mindset.”

And even the players had the sads, future NFL star Derwin James:

And of course there were the Twitter folks

I was going to have a whole section dedicated to Tomahawk Nation, but the commenters are just focused on firing Jimbo Fisher, there were a few good ones though: