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Boston College 35 Florida State 3: Thumbs Up And Thumbs Down

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles soared again last night as they absolutely thumped the Florida State Seminoles 35-3. It was a great game all around for the Eagles as they clicked on three phases of the game, while making Florida State look really, really bad. Let’s take an indepth look at what went right, and maybe actually a few things that didn’t yesterday.


Steve Addazio: The past three weeks have been an absolute joy to watch, and again all the credit needs to go to the man in charge. I don’t know what Addazio changed after that Virginia Tech Hokies loss, but he put life into this program and has them clicking on all cylinders. Am I still worried they might regress? Sure, but man, Addazio has done a fantastic job turning what looked like a lost season into something that could be special. There are three games remaining, NC State, Syracuse and UConn. BC could win all of those, and that is a credit to the coach.

Scot Loeffler: What a game plan for Lefty, that adjusted as the game went along. He again took the game right to the Noles, and if there weren’t two missed big plays in the first two drives this would have been an even bigger blow out. And I know some folks wanted BC to continue to pile it on in the second half, but I liked his decision to just run the draw over and over again with Jon Hilliman and AJ Dillon. There was no reason for BC to risk injuries to any of their players, and also will not give N.C. State any extra tape to study. They kept it very vanilla the last quarter or so, and that was exactly the right call.

Kobay White: His touchdown catch on a pass from Jeff Smith showed again why White is going to be a special talent for the Eagles. Just absolutely great body awareness, and did just enough to drag his toes in for the TD.

A.J. Dillon: Every run this kid is taking is an absolute treat. He had a 39 yard run early in the game, and had 4 broken tackles. Remember, he is only a freshman. He is only going to get better. That is scary.

The Entire Offensive Line: Anthony Brown had a clean pocket for basically the whole game, and FSU struggled to get pressure on him at all. I strongly believe this offensive renaissance is due to a huge jump in play up front. Ben Petrula seems like he has played with this team for years, Chris Lindstrom is about as automatic as it comes, and Aaron Monteiro has figured it out. They are making holes, and allowing Dillon to make plays. This is the kind of offensive line we hoped to get when Addazio took over in 2013.

Will Harris: He just continues to make plays, after grabbing an interception last week, he had two fumble recoveries. Harris is just a play maker, and may be the strongest chain in the secondary.

Ty Schwab: Led the team with 12 tackles, including 2.5 for loss.

Tommy Sweeney: His touchdown run was incredible, just absolutely all physical and will. Also had another nice reception right when BC needed it.

Festivities: Having Pete Frates, The Crowther Family, Mark Herzlich and Mathias Kiwanuka gave a really special feeling to the game.


Slight Regression In Execution: There were two plays that stalled drives that should have led to even more points. Tommy Sweeney dropped what should have been a touchdown pass, and Thadd Smith dropped a long pass that would have extended a drive.

Injuries: Before the game even started, we got the news that Harold Landry was going to miss the game, which caused some anxiety to rise. But there were a few scary moments during this game in regards to injuries. Ray Smith went down early in the second half, laying motionless on the turf in a scary moment. He got back up, but I don’t believe he was back in the game. Anthony Brown also went down with what looked like a hand injury (that led to a Darius Wade touchdown dive). Brown returned, and finished the game for the Eagles. Addazio said it after the game but this Bye Week is going to be huge to get the team healthy again.

ESPN: I know this is beating a dead horse, but ESPN prime time games take FOREVER. Commercial breaks incessantly, it just made the game drag on at points. Clearly there is nothing that will change in this regard, but needed to vent.