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Boston College vs. Florida State: Final Thoughts And Predictions

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Two weeks in a row Boston College has pulled off offense fueled mayhem on the road, this week is another big question. Can they do it at home against Florida State a team that Addazio has yet to beat? Florida State is not the caliber of team that dominated BC on the road last year, as they lost quarterback Deondre Francois in week one of the season. Their offense has been a mess this year, oddly enough it’s near the bottom in the country. This could be a program shifting winning for Addazio and Boston College. A Red Bandana home game win on a Friday night against the Seminoles would put BC right back in the bowl picture, give them three straight ACC wins and have everything headed in the right direction. As Matt O’Neill wrote earlier this week, it’s up to the fans to pack Alumni Stadium and get that place rocking. The players deserve it.

Keys To Victory

  1. Balanced Attack: Everything is working right now. The running game, the throw game, it’s all clicking. If BC can continue with the plan they had against Virginia they are going to be in great shape. Never let FSU’s defense get comfortable. If they start cheating on the run, kill them with Tommy Sweeney. If they are pinning back their ears and blitzing, call runs away from the blitz. Constantly adjust, and FSU will struggle.
  2. Bend But Don’t Break: Florida State does not have the explosive players that they had last year. Dalvin Cook is no longer there to make a massive run, and his backup Jacques Patrick is out. BC needs to keep gains short, force them to march down the field, and hopefully FSU will make some mistakes.
  3. Sack James Blackman: This is an offense that is ripe for the sack, in fact they are 104th in the country in sacks allowed with 20. Let Harold Landry and Zach Allen rip and try to confuse the young quarterback with blitzes from all over.
  4. 3rd & 4th Down Conversions: One of the most impressive feats BC had in their win against UVA was the success on third downs. One play in particular was particularly stunning was on 4th and 1 Anthony Brown didn’t just hand it off, he threw a beautiful short cross to Travis Levy for an easy first down. Continuing to move the chains will be a key.
  5. Solid Special Team Play: Mike Knoll will probably need to continue to flip the field (unless BC scores 40+ points again), Colton Lichtenberg hit those field goals, and Das Boot make kickoffs an automatic touchback. Those little things will make a huge difference.

My Non-IPA Beer of the Week:

Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin: Pumpkin beer for the most part is garbage, this beer along with Cape Ann’s Pumpkin Stouts are the only two pumpkin beers you can get me to drink. Same brewer as the wildly popular Pumpkinhead, this beer is like Pumpkinhead on steroids. Filled with much more alcohol, it’s got a nice pumpkin flavor but sips a bit more like a hard alcohol.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Notorious BIG: Hypnotize. Daz’s offense has been absolutely hypnotizing the past two weeks, will it continue this week? Also this song is just a great song to get you in the mood for a college football game.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

BC has an offense! It came together and it was beautiful. Until I see otherwise I am going to naively believe that this is going to continue forever and ever, and that what we saw the first six weeks will never return again and that Steve Addazio really is an offensive genius. I believe this. Don’t ruin my dreams.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Bacon Cheeseburger: This is the AJ meal of the game, because of the Friday night game, it’s tough for many of us to get to tailgates because of work and what not. So if you are crunched for time, find your closest pub/tavern and grab a burger that says, need more meat? Fine here is some pig.

Prediction Thread: Matt was the only writer to have BC winning by almost two touchdowns, so he gets the point and moves into a tie for second.

Coach JF (4): 21-16 FSU. A bit of a reality check for the BC offense

Matt O (2): 27-17 BC

AJ Black (2): 27-24 FSU. I am going to keep picking against BC until they lose, it has worked the last two weeks. Hope this mojo continues.

Arthur B (1): 35-28 BC

Eric H (1): 20-17 FSU

Mike G (1): 27-17 BC


Laura: 31-14 BC

Patrick: 42-33 BC

Superfan Thermometer: 10/10

This game is going has all the markings of a special evening. BC is playing their best football, FSU is struggling, it’s a Friday night, the Red Bandana game and all the special moments that brings. We all need to be there, cheering as loud as we can. Let’s get that victory.

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