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Guess The Attendance: BC - Florida State

The Eagles are on a roll, who shows up on a Friday night to see them?

Boston College v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Boston College returns home after plundering the Virginia Cavaliers and riding a two game win streak in conference for the first time since 2014. The Eagles face a struggling, but still perennial ACC power house Florida State in front of a national TV audience.

So how many show up to see it on a Friday night in Chestnut Hill?

Let’s take a quick look at factors that might impact attendance:

Weather: Clear and cool, with temperatures in the low 50s around kickoff and a light wind out of the west turning southwest. No chance of rain. Couldn’t have a much better night at this time of the year in New England.

Interest: Is an interesting question. Around metro Boston, as is generally the case, not much, but among the rank and file BC fan, very high. There is a sense that this could be a turning point for this program, getting that third consecutive win against a true blue blood.

Students seem excited and prompting other students to show that excitement in the stands.

BC even robocalled me last night, with AJ Dillon telling me how important it was to be there and be all in.

There is an anticipation for this game that hasn’t existed in a few years.

Importance: This is big for both programs. We tend to focus on BC, but Jimbo Fisher is on quite a hot seat at FSU. Despite perhaps an even more brutal schedule than BC, there is no room for a 2-4, much less a 2-5 record ever, particularly when your talent level is evaluated as so high.

For BC, pretty obvious, a win almost guarantees a bowl game which likely salvages Steve Addazio’s job. It also will show another step forward in the growth of this program and while it won’t have the cache of a win against the Noles of the past several years, it would still be massive for this team.

Intrigue: You bet. What is the reality of this BC team? Is what we’ve seen out of the offense a product of a fluke or overrated competition or can they do it against a known quality defense.

Also, can the defense shut down an offense that while it hasn’t produced, has near as much talent as any team they have played all year.

Visiting Team travel: Not sure. Florida State has traveled pretty well in the past and does have some level of local interest due to their long history of success. Friday night though as opposed to a Saturday and the lack of success of this year’s team will have an impact.

Game Time: 8:00 PM, although later, allows almost everyone time to reach the game in a way that 7:00 PM may not. No work or school the next day, so I put it in the positive category.

Other Things: BC sent season ticket holders two free end zone tickets for this event, so that should add to the count.

Last Five Florida State Home Games

2015 - September 18 - 39,111

2013 - September 28 - 40,129

2011 - November 3 - 38,729

2009 - October 3 - 40,029

2007 - November 3 - 40,065 (BC #2 in the country)

Last Five non Saturday games

2016 - October 7 vs Clemson - 44,500

2015 - September 18 vs Florida State - 39,111

2014 - September 5 vs Pittsburgh - 30,083

2013 - September 6 vs Wake Forest - 32,465

2011 - November 3 vs Florida State - 38,729

Looks pretty whatcha think?


What will BC - Florida State draw Friday night?

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    Sold out - 44,500
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  • 43%
    40,001 - 44,499
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  • 34%
    35,001 - 40,000
    (150 votes)
  • 6%
    30,000 - 35,000
    (29 votes)
  • 1%
    Under 30,000
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