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Boston College Women’s Hockey Weekend Preview

The Eagles look to rebound after a disappointing tie with UConn

FloHockey: Women's Ice Hockey-Quinnipiac at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

After going 1-0-1 last weekend, the Eagles look to return to their winning ways with another pair of Hockey East match-ups this week. BC will face a struggling BU team on Saturday and surprisingly strong Maine squad on Sunday. The Terriers have won only 1 game this season and should not be much of a challenge for BC - although their single win did come against the UConn team that held the Eagles to a tie. Maine will likely be a tougher match-up for BC. The Black Bears are 5-2 and have earned wins over Quinnipiac and Robert Morris, both of which are top 10 programs. The Eagles definitely have the talent to take 2 decisive wins this weekend, but so far this is the season of “anything can happen” in D1 NCAA women’s hockey.


Game 1


Boston College Eagles (4-0-1) vs.

Boston University Terriers (1-4-0)

When: Saturday, October 28 @ 3 PM

Where: Walter Brown Arena, Boston, MA

How to Watch: (x)

Live Stats: (x)

How to Follow: @BC_WHockey, @BCInterruption, @LBerestecki, @Salzano14, @JoeGrav, @ArthurBailin.

Game 2


Boston College Eagles (4-0-1) vs.

Maine Black Bears (5-2-0)

When: Sunday, October 29 @ 2 PM (followed by Skate with the Eagles!)

Where: Conte Forum, Chestnut Hill, MA

How to Watch: ESPN3

Live Stats: (x)

How to Follow: @BC_WHockey, @BCInterruption, @LBerestecki, @Salzano14, @JoeGrav, @ArthurBailin.


Goals per game: BC: 3.6 BU: 2.8 Maine: 2.9

Opponent goals per game: BC: 2 BU: 3.4 Maine: 1.9

Power play conversion: BC: 23.8% BU: 37.5% Maine: 15%

Penalty kill: BC: 68.2% BU: 77.8% Maine: 92%

Face-off win percentage: BC: 51.4% BU: 49.6% Maine: 46.6%

How Much Does Laura Hate the Opposing Mascot?

Did you know that I have very strong opinions on mascots? Now you do!

Rhett the Terrier 1/5

I hate Rhett on principle because he’s BU’s mascot, but I can’t lie and say his concept is bad. He looks like a terrier, he looks like the animated logo, and the managed to make a very not-scary dog look intimidating. His name is stupid (Rhett Butler loves Scarlett O’Hara and scarlet is the team color? Really?), but appearance-wise he’s a good mascot.

Bananas the Black Bear 5/5

Bananas is my personal nemesis. He used to actually look like a bear, but then they changed his costume “to look more like the logo.” Now, Bananas looks more like a panther than a bear. Your mascot should read clearly as the animal it is supposed to be. Bananas is a disgrace.


Laura: BC 5, BU 1 and BC 4, Maine 3

Grant: BC 10, BU 1 and BC 4, Maine 1