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BC 41, UVA 10: The Key Play

Who would have expected we’d have so many choices...

Boston College v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

What has happened to Boston College Football??

Just a few weeks ago, you would have been out of your mind to suggest that not only would be beat both Louisville and Virginia on the road, but that we would look fantastic doing it. You would have been put into an asylum for suggesting that BC would put up 86 points (!!!) in those two games.

The turnaround has been so complete and so utterly shocking. This morning, ESPN posted an article that proclaimed Anthony Brown the top FBS quarterback of the week. What the hell kind of alternate reality have we been placed in??

Who knows. But I like it.

2:15 remaining in the 3rd quarter
3rd & 2 at the Virginia 3

Anthony Brown pass complete to Tommy Sweeney for 3 yards — TOUCHDOWN

Remember when Daz’s “it’ll come together and it’ll be beautiful” was a big joke? The only laughing matter about it now is the fact that so far, well... it has.

This is it, right here. This is the play where you can see absolutely everything coming together for BC.

How do I love thee, touchdown pass? Let me count the ways.

The Cavaliers have all eleven guys stacked up to stop the Eagles, who are lined up in full power-run mode. So what does BC do? They make one of the best offensive play calls of the season, with a play action that sees all eleven UVA helmets running right into the line to block a run that’s not happening. Tommy Sweeney just runs through to open space for the wide, wide open touchdown.

Anthony Brown puts some nice touch on the ball, and while it’s an easy play, it floats nicely right over the line and drops straight into the chest of Sweeney.

How long have we been screaming for BC to run an offense with these exact pieces? Get the running game to work, and dump the ball off to the tight end on play action. That play has been there every single time we’ve run it dating back to at least the Louisville game.

AJ Dillon’s emergence as a feature back and Jon Hilliman’s work as a compliment to Dillon had Virginia stacking the box like they did back in the days with Andre Williams and Tyler Murphy. That power run game saw BC break off big chunk plays back in those days, and it’s started to happen again now.

The offensive line is starting to find its groove. Anthony Brown has been getting the confidence to use his feet and has been making big drive-saving plays doing it. Tommy Sweeney has emerged as a legitimate ACC weapon. The receivers are making big plays. AJ Dillon and Anthony Brown have three years of eligibility left.

It has definitely come together. There is a lot of season left, and there’s still time for BC’s resurgence to have been a flash in the pan, but the last two weeks — and this week against Virginia in particular — have given BC fans no reason at all to complain. It’s been a while since that’s happened.