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Boston College 41 Virginia 10: Thumbs Up And Thumbs Down

Today will be a first....

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Boston College went down to Charlottesville and dismantled the Virginia Cavaliers 41-10. This is going to be a first in Thumbs Up Thumbs Down history, as you will see below. Boston College played nearly flawlessly on both sides of the ball, and won a game that was more impressive than their win last week against the Louisville Cardinals. Let’s break down the individual performances

Thumbs Up

Steve Addazio: Two weeks in a row I am happily eating my humble pie about the Boston College head coach. Last week I thought BC didn’t have it in them to go toe to toe with the Cardinals. I was wrong. This week I thought the previous game was just a fluke. I was wrong. Addazio is now 2-0 since his “It will come together and it will be beautiful” speech, he had the team focused, and more importantly his game plan and execution in all three facets of the game were nearly flawless. Whatever changes he is making to the game plan and play calling needs to continue as the Eagles seem like a completely different team. Whatever you think about the man, you have to give him credit for the play the past two weeks.

Scot Loeffler: He opened up the playbook with a variety of pass and run calls that had UVA completely baffled. There were jet sweeps that worked, flea flickers, and some beautifully constructed short passes that helped BC run effective third down plays. One play that was particularly impressive was a 4th down play, where instead of trying to plow ahead, he had Brown throw a nice short pass to Travis Levy for an easy first. It was clearly a different direction than Addazio offenses of old. In the past two weeks BC’s total offense has jumped from 117th to 88th.

Will Harris: All over the field making plays yesterday, he had a sack and an interception and seemed to be where the ball was. Kurt Benkert looked very pedestrian out there as Harris and the BC secondary never gave up the big play, and forced UVA into a dink and dunk offense, one that was never very effective.

The Offensive Line: I feel like I should point out a few individuals here, but the line as a whole played an inspired game. Ben Petrula, there hasn’t been said enough about him, when Jon Baker went down it seemed like that was going to be a massive problem as Petrula struggled. However, the past two games, this kid has gone into two road stadiums and locked down the middle of that line. Chris Lindstrom also needs a hat tip as well, as he has become the monster on the line that Daz always said he was. This offensive line are finally playing like a unit, and it’s been a lot of fun to watch.

Anthony Brown: Was he perfect? No. But again he took a major step in the right direction yesterday. Finally he was making those short and underneath routes and seemed much more accurate than in previous weeks. He didn’t make any big mistakes (though he was almost picked off), and for the most part made the right reads. He looked like a legit ACC quarterback yesterday.

Colton Lichtenberg: Hit both of his field goals and all of his XP’s, after a few weeks of inconsistency this is exactly the type of week he needed to build his confidence again.

Tommy Sweeney: He has become the primary target in the passing game as he should be, and is becoming a major issue for a variety of reasons. First, his skill set makes him hard to cover, he’s fast and big with good hands. But the bigger issue is that teams have to really account for him now, and can’t just overload the box because he can sneak out and make a small catch a big gain. He really has been a major part of the resurrection of this offense.

John Lamot: When Connor Strachan and Max Richardson went down with a season ending injuries it seemed like linebacker depth was going to be a major problem. Lamot has been a pleasant surprise. Making hits and not allowing yards after catches, he capped the game with a beautiful pick six.

A.J. Dillon and Jon Hilliman: While neither of the running backs had huge gains, they were consistent in moving the sticks. Dillon had another highlight reel play when he again stiff armed a defender off of him and lunged ahead for a first down to extend the drive. Hilliman looked rejuvenated as well, while he only averaged 2.8 yards a carry, he still had some nice runs.

Thadd Smith and Kobay White: Both had huge explosive plays, White on a screen pass that was taken to the house, and Smith on a jet sweep (with huge blocks by Charlie Callinan and Tommy Sweeney).


None. Honestly, after weeks of being critical of this team, and struggling to find positives, this week is the flip side. Sure there could be little things here and there I could critique, but this was about as complete a game as BC has played under Steve Addazio. Great job by everyone involved, hopefully they can build on this for a huge game against Florida State on Friday.