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BC 45, UL 42: The Key Play

As great as the win was, things almost ended very differently

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Wow, was Saturday’s game against Louisville wild...

The Eagles’ road game against the Cardinals played out exactly like every other loss this year had through two quarters — BC was keeping the game close, doing just barely enough to make it feel like we weren’t getting run out of the building, and took the game into halftime down 7 points.

As I wrote last week, this sort of game has made us, the fans, look like fools for feeling like we actually had a chance. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me five times... well, shame on someone. BC had already managed to go down by two scores in the first half, which should have put us out of it, but the Eagles got the score back before halftime to get within seven.

The second have was such a dramatic departure from the norm that those of us in the BC Interruption Google chat were completely disoriented. Since when do the Eagles get into a shootout with an ACC opponent? But BC, led by freshman running back AJ Dillon, stormed ahead of the Cardinals and looked to be on their way to a win.

But then the Eagles started to slow down a bit, and Louisville had their foot on the gas. The Cardinals tied up the game at 42 and the Eagles couldn’t retake the lead, punting the ball back into the hands of Lamar Jackson with a defense that seemed pretty certain to concede the game after all that.

But the Eagles got lucky.

2:05 remaining in the 4th quarter
1st & 10 at the Louisville 30

Lamar Jackson pass complete to Jaylen Smith for 20 yards to the Louisville 45

Jaylen Smith fumbled at the Louisville 45, forced by Hamp Cheevers, recovered by Kamrin Moore, returned for 10 yards to the Louisville 35

Kamrin Moore fumbled at the Louisville 35, forced by Kenny Thomas, recovered by Isaac Yiadom at the Louisville 39

Yikes, that’s a mouthful.

This sequence of plays is the only reason BC won this football game. Louisville had marched down the field unchallenged for multiple drives at this point were already doing it again with plenty of time on the clock and only needing a field goal to win the game.

But Hamp Cheevers showed up in a big way to tomahawk chop the ball out of the hands of Jaylen Smith. Kamrin Moore took the ball back for the Eagles and fumbled himself, but Isaac Yiadom was there to save the day for the second time in less than ten seconds.

There is no way the Eagles were going to win without this turnover. But BC deserves credit for finding the big play to get the win despite getting gashed for big gains throughout the second half.