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What Does The Louisville Win Say About Remainder Of Season?

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Yesterday, Boston College had their moment. It was a win no one, other than a few, saw coming. It was a joyous moment for coaches, parents, fans and most importantly the players, who have fought tooth and nail all season long even through some pretty wretched games. A week ago head coach Steve Addazio made his infamous “it’ll all come together and it will be beautiful” post game speech after the Virginia Tech loss, and we all laughed, heck our site even made it into a meme. But after what we saws this week, maybe his vision isn’t that far off.

But in terms of the remainder of the season, this win has the potential to flip expectations and suddenly games that were meaningless 24 hours ago, is suddenly filled with meaning. Next week, the UVA game has all the markings of a must win game. If Boston College can go to Charlottesville and win on the road, they suddenly have a good chance of making a bowl. Remember Florida State is not the Florida State of year’s past, and N.C. State seems to always find a way to lose against the Eagles. Finish that off with a win against UConn and or Syracuse, and suddenly BC is 6-6 and bowl eligible. Weirder things have happened.

This is going to be Steve Addazio’s moment to put up or shut up. Clearly we saw yesterday that BC has the horses to put together an offense, and the offensive line looks legit, but can they do that consistently? Addazio may be battling for his job, and the margin of error is now razor thin, but that is a huge difference from two days ago when everything seemed bleak and hopeless. He has a horse in A.J. Dillon that can carry the team, Tommy Sweeney is the ACC caliber tight end we hoped for, and Darius Wade may be the game manager to effectively run his offense. Oh yeah, and you still have Harold Landry, Lukas Denis and Zach Allen anchoring that defense.

Now Boston College could go out and lay a massive egg on the road, Daz could regress into his predictable play calling again, and we as fans could be right back where we were Saturday morning calling for his head and looking at his replacements. In fact this could easily happen given what we have seen in the past. But right now after this win against Louisville, the Eagles have given us a reason to tune in, and the next five games could be fun, and in the end isn’t that a good thing?