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Boston College Football Topples Louisville 45-42??


Boston College v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Oh, folks, forgive this brief post-game blurb for being so short, but there are about a million things to talk about this week and we wanted to get something up quick. There will be plenty of coverage over the next few days.

A few notes:

AJ Dillon is a grown ass man and if man asks you for a non-alcoholic beverage later you should feel ashamed that you hadn’t already gotten him one before he had to ask you. In particular, his 75 yard touchdown run in which he threw down a Cardinal like a rag doll will go in every BC highlight reel for the next decade.

Jon Hilliman made some big plays too. Gotta respect the bruiser.

Darius Wade, where did that come from?? Yes, he missed a couple of huge, huge open plays late that would have iced the game a little earlier, but that does not throw away the playmaking he made when he came in for the injured Anthony Brown in the 2nd half. Wade engineered some beautiful, really near-perfect drives to shoot the Eagles out of a cannon in the 2nd half. That opened up the running game a ton, and, well, you saw what happened.

—BC played in an ACC football game in which 87 points were scored and won that football game. I didn’t even know teams were allowed to score 45 points! Did you know that?? It’s true, because we were not flagged for it!

—Colton Lichtenberg. He has struggled a ton of late, but eff it, the kid was ice with the game on the line. The ball was down the middle of the uprights with 30 yards to spare. No dying quail to give us all a heart attack. I love you, man.

So much more to come!