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Greetings From Your New Editor

Hello, it's me.

NCAA Frozen Four - Notre Dame v Boston College Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

As you all know by now, Joe is stepping away from BC Interruption after a great run managing the blog. You’ll still hear from him from time to time, but I’ll be taking over as editor. I joined BCI 2 years ago to turn @BC_Hockey_Pros into a weekly feature, and I’ve enjoyed being able to take on a bigger role within the blog throughout my time here.

A lot of you probably know me from such classics as “BC Hockey Taylor Swift GIFs” and “Hockey East Mascot Rankings.” I like to keep things fun and positive, but I do take BC athletics and BCI seriously. From middle school onward there has rarely been a week during college athletics season that I haven’t been at BC at least once for hockey/basketball/football. I’ve missed just 2 home games over the past 10 men’s hockey seasons. If you had told me as a teenager that I would be running a blog about BC sports at 26 my response would have been “Duh?” I love these athletic programs, even when following some of them is mostly just painful.

All of the writers you love and love to hate are sticking around, so things should remain pretty much the same in terms of content. Just because I tend to be overly-positive doesn’t mean the blog is going to suddenly become all sunshine and roses. We’ve also added two new writers, both of whom made their BCI debuts last week.

Over the years, BC Interruption has become one of the major places to go to read about BC athletics. Everyone that has worked on this blog before I did (special shout-out to Brian and Joe) worked hard to make BCI what it is today, and my goal is to make sure this site continues to be something they are proud of. BC Interruption has always done a great job of covering as many programs as we can, giving you football and basketball along with soccer and women’s hockey. I’m committed to growing that coverage of non-revenue sports while continuing to give you all the extensive basketball/football/men’s hockey content you expect from us.

I can’t promise that the next few weeks are going to be without bumps as I settle in as editor, but I’m going to do my best and I appreciate your patience :)

Thanks to all of you that read and comment on the site - we wouldn’t be anything without you. Go Eagles!

— Laura