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Eagles in the Pros Update: Catching Up With Kate Leary

The Boston Blades’ leading scorer joined us to talk about her pro career and her time at BC

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Kate Leary joined the Boston Blades (CWHL) this season after graduating from BC in 2015. While playing for the Eagles, Leary was a consistent offensive player that was also known for playing tough, and she has continued to impress as a member of the Blades. Leary currently leads her team in goals and points. She has been an important factor in both of Boston’s wins this season, scoring multiple points in both matches.

Kate joined us to talk a little bit about her hockey career...and to answer the official Eagles in the Pros questionnaire :)

LB: You joined the Blades this year after graduating from BC in 2015 and currently have a team-leading 7 goals and 10 points. Did you expect to make such a big impact immediately?

KL: So after graduating in 2015 I decided to take a break from playing hockey to focus on starting a career. Once I got settled into my job and figured out balancing work, living in an apartment and life I decided to come back and play this year. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I have been having a blast, just enjoying playing the game that I have always loved.

LB: The Boston Blades have 6 former Eagles on the team. Did that play into your decision to pursue a spot on the team?

KL: Yes, playing with several of my former teammates is awesome. The girls who had been on the Blades in past seasons had really talked it up and that definitely played into my decision to play this year. Playing with Melissa Bizzari and Meghan Grieves this year has been great. We never all played together at BC, but having that familiarity of the BC style of play helps. And all 3 of us are playing for fun and because we just enjoy hockey so there’s no added stress, it’s just go play so we have a lot of laughs.

LB: The top 3 scorers on the Blades are all former Eagles. How did BC prepare you for playing in the pros? Why do you think BC WIH players are universally able to find such success in whichever pro league they choose?

KL: Playing at BC is the most competitive atmosphere I’ve ever played in. Everyone comes to BC having been the best players on their high school and or club teams, and then you’re competing for spots. So that elevates everyone’s game and really drives your competitive spirit. I would say that allows BC players to use that experience and impact any team they are a part of.

LB: With the exception of the 8-0 loss to Brampton, the Blades have been more successful over the past two months, with 2 wins and some close losses. What do you think has changed that has resulted in these improved results?

KL: Team chemistry definitely. We had a brand new team with players from many different programs and only 2 hours of practice a week. So it certainly took a little bit of time for everyone to adjust and figure out what kind of team we were going to be and what style we would play. But I think everyone’s starting to get on the same page and that’s showing in our more recent games.

And here's the official Eagles in the Pros questionnaire, because you all know I can't be serious for an entire article.

Eagles in the Pros Questionnaire

Favorite Taylor Swift song? Mean
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Favorite place you've travelled for hockey? Minnesota, they love their hockey.
If you could be on any reality TV show, which would you pick? The Amazing Race
Which teammate (past or present) would you want to be trapped on a desert island with? Emily Field, she’s very resourceful.

Thanks to Kate for joining us! If you want to watch her and her many BC alumni teammates, you can see them play at UML or BU’s Water Brown Arena!