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Hayley Dowd Drafted by Boston in 2017 NWSL Draft

Congrats to BC’s second NWSL draft pick this year!

bc women's soccer

Hayley Dowd was drafted 38th overall by the Boston Breakers in today’s NWSL draft. Dowd, a senior at BC, co-captained this year’s Eagles’ squad with fellow draftee, McKenzie Meehan.

Dowd was an important factor in the Eagles’ offense during all 4 seasons of her collegiate career. She started in 5 games as a freshman and was third on the team with 14 points, including 5 goals. Dowd avoided the sophomore slump, having her best season in her second year at BC. As a sophomore, Dowd led BC in scoring with 33 points, and led her team and the ACC with 15 goals. Dowd also had a pair of 5-game scoring streaks as a second year player.

Dowd was second on the team in scoring as a junior (following Meehan’s return from injury). As a senior, she led BC with 4 game winning goals. She finished her senior season with 7 goals and 3 assists.

Congrats to Dowd!