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Boston College And Kansas Agree To Two Game Series In 2019 & 2020

Who is excited to go to Lawrence?

NCAA Football: Kansas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College continued to solidify their out of conference schedule, just a day after announcing a four game series with Rutgers. Today Brad Bates announced that the Eagles will be facing off with the Kansas Jayhawks in 2019 (at BC) and 2020 (at KU). This will be the first meeting between the two teams in their history.

The recent news of scheduled opponents is interesting for a few reasons. Clearly the leadership is listening to the fans who don’t want more MAC-rifices and the such, as 2019 now has three Power 5 teams on the schedule, albeit two of them are Rutgers and Kansas.

What is a bit concerning, is that Boston College continues to add on games that are not flashy against teams that frankly aren’t good now, and historically aren’t very good. Since Bates has been on the scene, BC has scheduled Rutgers, Purdue, Missouri and now Kansas who has finished 5-31 in the past three seasons. All of these schools have been been in the basement of their conferences for a while now. While BC isn’t a premier school either, I think fans were hoping more for teams like Stanford (which to Bates’s credit he has scheduled).

Here is the upcoming schedule:
2017: @NIU, ND, Central Michigan, @UConn

2018: UMass, Holy Cross, @Purdue, Temple

2019: @ND, Richmond, @Rutgers, Kansas

2020: Holy Cross, Ohio, Purdue, @Kansas

2021: @UMass, @Temple, Missouri

2022: UMass, UConn, @Notre Dame, Rutgers

2023: @Ohio State, @UConn

2024: Ohio State, Missouri

2025: Notre Dame

2026: Rutgers

2027: @Rutgers

2028: Stanford

2029: @Stanford