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Boston College vs. UMass: Final Thoughts And Predictions

The second game of the season is tomorrow, how does the staff feel about the Eagles chances?

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Tech Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech week is over. Now let’s never speak of it again. It’s on to our kid brothers in Amherst, the conference-less UMass Minutemen. You know the story, UMass has done everything in their power to try and make this a rivalry game but it isn’t one even with all the Battle Of the Bay State posters, and players talking about how this is a rivalry. That being said, this is still an important game for the Eagles, they need to win this and they need to do it decisively. The fanbase is getting restless, and a close game would be bad, and if **gulp** UMass was to win, well things would get pretty bad.

Let’s explore the UMass game.

Five Burning Questions:

  1. Is Addazio capable of stepping on the throat of a lesser FBS level team? We haven’t seen BC completely put away a team and not let go of the throttle since the Syracuse game in 2014. This is a game BC needs to win and needs to win decisively. If Addazio is just happy running the ball at 3 yards a clip and playing to shorten the game, that isn’t going to win any style points (which I’m sure he doesn’t care about). But can he score some quick points and not let off the gas pedal. Let’s use this game as a way to try out some offensive plays. Please?
  2. What will Patrick Towles look like against a lesser opponent? It was a tale of two halves last week for Towles. The 2nd, he looked dynamic, can we expect that again versus UMass?
  3. What will BC do if they are in field goal territory? All signs point to Addazio kicking it again and again until our ears bleed, but maybe just maybe he takes a chance?
  4. What kind of success will BC find against an uptempo offense? Whipple ball is much different than the wishbone, what will they do against UMass?
  5. Big plays? Last week’s big run by Hilliman was the difference maker, and against UMass in 2014, it was a big run by Tyler Murphy that blew it open. Can BC do it again?

Beer of the Week

Lord Hobo- Boom Sauce. Going with a theme here for the week. Lord Hobo is a Massachusetts based micro brew, perfect for the Battle of the Bay State, that makes some really delicious IPAs. Right now you can also find their “Steal This Can” as well in your stores. Great beer for when BC lowers the boom on UMass.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Bring the Noise- Public Enemy

I love Public Enemy, I really do. One of the most influential rap groups ever, this song is dedicated to Boston College who I hope brings the noise to UMass on Saturday. Yeahhhhhh boooooyyyyyyyyy.

Pregame Food Of The Week- Grilled Pizza

For those of you who do not tailgate on a regular basis, this weekend could be your chance to get that grill up and running. Should I have gone with a grilled or smoked meat? Yeah, probably. But flatbread pizza on the grill was my jam this summer, and could be a delicious treat this weekend.

Predictions and BCI GPS

Well we all got last weekend’s game wrong, so that’s zeroes across the board for BC writers. It’s unanimous again for the UMass game, does that spell gloom for the Eagles? Or we just setting up for this?

UMass Troll

Fire up the BCI Prediction Machine And GPS!

Arthur Bailin: 21-17 Birds. Against my better judgement, I'm taking the student bus down to Gillette.
Joe O’Grav: Liverpool 2, Leicester 1. Daniel Sturridge will score. Also, BC had better ****ing throttle UMass. I'd glad I'll be in Liverpool instead of at this game, because I'd be too stressed out. Also, BC 21, UMass 10.

Grant S: BC 31 - 3 UMass because GFY that's why. Watching football at Anfield, but it won't be this game...

Jeff M: 32-10 Boston College
Laura B: 21 - 10 BC. I will be following on Twitter while at the Gifford Cat Shelter, as usual.
Brian F: 14-6 BC. Will believe we score more than 14 against an FBS opponent when I see it.
Eric H: BC 20-19. I will watch with an Irish coffee in my hand.
Coach JF: Null
AJ Black: BC 28 UMass 10. Watching the game at Gillette under the watchful eye of 40 foot really freaking huge poster of Tom Brady.

BC Superfan Thermometer: 3/10.

I think that it’s more foreboding than excitement. The only way I can get excited is if BC goes off on offense. Will it happen? I dunno. Need a reason to get angry and want to destroy UMass? Remember this from 2014?

What are you predicting for tomorrow’s game? Can BC win the Battle Of The Bay State? Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments! #soar #GoEagles

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