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Two Minute Drill: Talking UMass Football, The Offensive Line, And Kicking Game (Or Lack There Of)

A little back and forth discussion on GT and UMass

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Boston College Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

AJ Black: We are back with chapter two of the BCI weekly banter, the Two Minute Drill. It’s been a tough week, a loss that should have never happened. Eric, I don’t know how you are feeling after Saturday, but has your feeling changed since the end of the game?

Eric: The thing that bothers me the most was the play calling at the end off the game. BC had the ball with under 6:00 to go and just needed a few first downs to end the game on its own terms. Instead, Addazio runs it up the middle twice into a stacked front, and even the 3rd down fumbled snap was going to be a run.

If you look around the country, none of the best coaches play conservative. They are all aggressive. That kind of old-school conservative decision making is going to keep BC in the middle of the pack or lower with Addazio here.

AJ, what impressed you about BC in that game?

AJ: As I said in the pod cast yesterday I have to say the play of Chris Lindstrom was easily the most impressive. He was a sieve last year, but he looks like a man possessed, a real ACC offensive lineman. The other group that impressed me were the wide receivers. Michael Walker, Jeff Smith and Chris Garrison all look to be legit threats and if Patrick Towles gets the ability to throw the ball a little more they are going to make plays.

Eric, the field goal game has been a mess since Nate Freese graduated. Are you noticing anything on the attempts that are tipping you off, or is this just something that is happening?

Eric: I don’t see anything that’s tipping me off, but then again I’m not a kicking expert either. I will say that I think Addazio was a little disingenuous when he talked after the game about being surprised in the results of the kicking game. I thought in scrimmages this summer that the field goal game was inconsistent, and that isn’t the most pressure packed setting to be kicking.

AJ, this UMass game all of a sudden has a different feel than it did before the season, what worries you most about this UMass game?

AJ: I worry about the opening quarter of the game. BC has to come out and establish themselves immediately especially in the trenches. The last thing BC wants is to fall behind a score or **gulp** two, which could cause things to fall apart in a hurry. BC needs to go out score quickly, and shut down UMass, and set the tempo.

Eric, final question from me, UMass kept it close against Florida on Saturday. Do you think this is due to the talent of the Minutemen or was it just the Gators looking past them?

Eric: A little bit of both. Florida was committing a lot of foolish penalties in the game so that certainly didn’t help. However, I thought the moment the game changed was near the end of the first quarter. Florida had just put together a nice touchdown drive and the Minutemen responded by getting across midfield. UMass had a 4th and 14 from the Florida 36 and instead of punting it away, Mark Whipple decided to go for it. UMass picked up a first down and a good chunk of yardage and eventually scored a touchdown. Can you imagine Addazio doing that in the same situation?

AJ: No. (cries to himself)

No Huddle Offense

AJ: First week is in the books. Other than Alabama, what team impressed you the most in their first game?

Eric: I’m going with Florida State. To look like absolute garbage like that in the first half and then coming behind from a 20+ deficit with a redshirt freshman QB was really impressive. Did any results from the ACC surprise you?

AJ: Not really, Clemson and FSU look like I expected, Louisville looks legit. I guess the only real surprise for me was UVA losing to FCS squad Richmond.

Ok, final question. If you could pick any player in college football right now and throw them on BC, who would you pick and why?

Eric: I think I’m going Deondre Francis of FSU. His combination of arm strength and speed is almost unmatched around the country and I’d get him at least two years. How about you?

AJ: I will go with Mike Williams of Clemson. Towles has a cannon, would love to see what he could do with a deep target that is the best in NCAA.