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Boston College vs. UMass: Eagles Depth Chart

Any changes this week?

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Boston College Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports
UMass Depth Chart

No real changes: The biggest news looking at the depth chart is that there are no real changes this week. Does that mean Addazio won’t change anything? He might, as he has in the past kind of used the depth chart as a jumping off point, and improvised as needed.

No Injuries: This is big news. Any time you can make it through a physical wet game to start off the season is a good thing. The biggest question mark going into the UMass game will be the availability of defensive end Harold Landry, whom Addazio says he is easing into the season. Have to imagine that we won’t see him much if BC jumps out to an early lead against the Minutemen.

Field Goal Unit Remains The Same: He struggled against Georgia Tech with a blocked field goal, and a missed one, but Colton Lichtenberg will continue to be the place kicker for the Eagles.