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Boston College vs. Buffalo: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Another big matchup for the Eagles, can they avoid disappointment?

NCAA Football: Wagner at Boston College
“The Stands At Kickoff”
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The FCS game is mercifully in the books, and it’s now on to....Buffalo? Ugh, another bad football team that BC really has not much to gain by beating. The Eagles need to be crisp and clean this week, and show that they are ready for Friday’s matchup against Clemson. Get the starters out of their if possible, but most importantly winning the dang thing. Losing is not an option. Let’s take a look at this weekend’s matchup with the Buffalo Bulls.

Five Keys To The Game:

  1. Success on third down on both sides of the ball: BC’s offense can not be put in third and long situations all game, they aren’t dynamic enough to get out of those holes consistently enough, keep it at third and manageable. Same goes for defense, we saw it against GT, they got killed on third downs. Get Buffalo off the field.
  2. Use this game as a way to practice pass blocking: The Wagner game was clearly an excuse to run the ball until our eyes bled, or as Addazio put it “work on our run blocking”. Buffalo can not sack the QB, in fact through four games they have three sacks total. Please Steve Addazio, please, let Towles throw the ball.
  3. Limit More Dumb Penalties: Addazio said it himself, BC has got to work on limiting penalties.
  4. Respect Buffalo’s Run By Keeping WR’s In Simple Coverage: Just like how other schools load up the box against BC, return the favor against Buffalo. The Bulls have a passing offense that is right around ours in terms of efficiency. Their running attack on the other hand is 62nd. Play to stop the run, and allow our defenders to stifle their wide receivers, which they should be able to do.
  5. Ball Control: Just like the Georgia Tech game, this is going to be a wet one. Hold on to the damn ball, no fumbles and short fields for the Bulls.

Beer of the Week

Pumking by Southern Tier: Alright, alright it’s October, and I’ll pick a pumpkin beer. I’ve mentioned it here before, that I’m not the biggest Shipyard Pumpkinhead fan, I think it tastes like Bud Light with pumpkin flavor added to it (though there is nothing wrong with that. But if I am going to go with a richer flavor from a solid beer company, I’ll go with Pumking. Southern Tier is a fantastic brewery and their pumpkin offering is a can’t miss.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Missy Elliott- The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly): In terms of weird, commercial rappers, I don’t think any of them can top Missy Elliott, and this video is her masterpiece. She wears a giant trash bag that continues to inflate throughout the song, but somehow manages to make the whole thing look cool. Picked this song due to the inclement weather expected tomorrow, and I know we all “can’t stand the rain”. If you want a non rap song regarding rain, check out Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Buffalo wings. We are playing a team that is from the home of these bad boys. This seems kind of like a no brainer to me. Also, if you dip them in blue cheese before you eat them I judge you. Eat the damn things like god made them, man up and feel the burn.

Fire up that BCI Prediction Machine

Arthur B (1):20-17 Boston College.

AJ (1): 27-7 Boston College

Coach JF (1): 30-7 Boston College (Coach snagged the point this week, as he was the only writer to predict that BC would give up more than 3 points to Wagner. Congratulations?)

Laura B: 28-14 Boston College

Eric H: 24-13 BC

Jeff: 27-9 Boston College

Grant: 31-10 Boston College

Joe: 24-17 Boston College

BC Superfan Thermometer: 2/10.

Oh this is going to be another one light on the fans, and the rain is going to do nothing to help. Again I feel like you all do about this game. BC needs to win this one, and just put away Buffalo early or I’ll be grumbling again. Get the third win, avoid injuries, build on the offense and get the hell out of there.

How are you feeling about this game? Excited? Don’t give a darn? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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