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Two Minute Drill: Closing The Door On Wagner, And Looking At Buffalo

The Bulls, who are they and what could they do to BC?

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

AJ Black: The Wagner game is over, thank everything that is sacred that we will not have to think about that one again. Now it’s on to Buffalo, a MAC team that is struggling to find themselves. I never take anything for granted with this team, but this should be an easy win for the Eagles. But hey, you never know.

Eric is there anything that we can take away from that Wagner game?

Eric: I don’t think there is much. Addazio seems happy that the offense got the running game “cranked up” but at the same time he admitted that the offensive line wasn’t used to blowing up a defensive line off of the ball like that. It was good that BC won but the game was a boring exhibition.

AJ, I don’t really have any more thoughts about that Wagner game because it was just so uninteresting for me. Do you have any final thoughts?

AJ: Running the ball 56 times is incredibly boring football, especially when you are averaging like 5 yards a carry. My wife spent the entire game looking at Facebook on her phone, and said to me “This is boring”. Usually I would give her a hard time (honestly she loves BC and football in general), but I couldn’t blame her.

Eric, will this Buffalo game be competitive or is this going to be another boring game?

Eric: I think this game will be a whole lot more competitive. Buffalo is 1-2 but is coming off of a win against a pretty decent Army team. The Bulls are young---and I mean really young not BC young---and are getting better every week. I think the Eagles are in danger if they think they can play to the same level that they did last weekend against Wagner and still win this game.

Do you think there will be some players that could look ahead to the Clemson game?

AJ: I don’t really think so. This team is going to be playing for the moment, I at least give Addazio credit for that. He is very clear that he has his players never underestimating anyone, I mean look at how much he gushed about UMass. Now that being said, will the coaching scheme put this team in position to win? That is a bigger worry for me. If BC decides “Hey let’s run it 56 times again” and Buffalo responds by limiting the scoring, anything could happen. I have faith that BC will try to at least keep them honest, but there should be no reason this game should be close.

Eric, last question. We need to see what Patrick Towles can do. I’m beginning to really worry that he isn’t going to be the answer against some of these ACC schools. Do you think he will improve at all or what we see is what we will get?

Eric: AJ, I actually disagree with you. I think the staff is putting him in incredibly tough situations and really only letting him throw when the defense expects it. When Towles throws on 1st or 2nd down he is 26-of-47 with 409 yards passing, 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Unfortunately BC has ran the ball on 1st or 2nd down 146 times this year so they clearly aren’t putting this guy in a position to be successful.

The No Huddle

AJ: It seems like every week there is a huge ACC game. This week we have Clemson and Louisville. What are you predicting,

Eric: I was kind of surprised to see Clemson as an underdog at home. The Lamar Jackson Heisman Tour stops this week.

AJ, will there be more fans in the stadium then last week?

AJ: It’s parents weekend there has to be, but expect them to exit by the third quarter so they can get to those dinner reservations.

Eric, final question. In 2016, Les Miles will be?? At Baylor. I have Kentucky as an outside shot too.

Eric: What’s on the menu for the game this weekend?

AJ: Honestly not too sure, I went to an awesome brewery in Newton last weekend called Hopsters, that had all these great craft brews. Can’t recommend them enough, nice little spot if you need a beer before the game. I have a few options in play, but it might all be dictated on whether it’s raining or not.