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Boston College 42 Wagner 10: Cheers And Jeers

What can we take away from a victory against a team like Wagner?

NCAA Football: Wagner at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College got the win they needed yesterday against the Wagner Seahawks. BC was expected to win this big, and for the most part they did just that. What were some of the positives and negatives from this game?


Davon Jones: Earlier this year, I thought that Jones was going to become a vital part of this offense, but I had no clue he would grow into such a player. He averaged over seven yards a carry, and was clearly the best running back on the field. I hate to say it, but if Jon Hilliman continues to struggle, Jones needs to become the primary back for the Eagles.

Michael Walker: The sophomore wide out certainly recovered nicely after a horrific game against Virginia Tech. He made four catches, but none was better than the screen pass he took for a touchdown. Showed great moves on the play, and shed a handful of tacklers.

Tyler Rouse: Just a great game by the primary kick/punt returner of the Eagles. Had two returns of over 40 yards, and looked more like what we saw the first two weeks.

Harold Landry: Just an absolute beast out there this week, Landry was a monster on the pass rush, racking up 3 sacks. He is now 7th in the country with 4.5 sacks on the season.

Mike Knoll the place kicker/Troy Flutie: This isn’t meant to be a knock on either of these guys, but BC went a perfect 6/6 on extra points, and Knoll drilled them right down the middle. At least on the XP’s it looks like BC has fixed a problem that has plagued them for the past two years.

Up tempo? Yes there was at least one drive, where BC went tempo, rushing to the line of scrimmage only to call....three straight runs. Oh well, baby steps right?


Patrick Towles: I am still not overly impressed with his style of QBing. He is slow to make his reads, but once he does make a read he seems to panic and tucks it and runs. Sometimes it’s due to the wide receivers not being open, but more often he tries to make things work with his feet. He didn’t get killed against Wagner, because they are clearly not in the same class as BC, but if continues to do this he’s going to get killed by Clemson in two weeks.

Penalties: Sloppy, seven penalties. Again it was against Wagner, but you shouldn’t be making those types of mistakes against FCS cupcakes

Mike Knoll the Punter: Averaged just over 30 yards a punt. Can’t be doing this against better opponents. Also, Satchel Ziffler was brought in as a graduate transfer, at what point would it make sense to have Knoll focus on his place kicking, and let Ziff focus on the punts?

Gameplan: At the beginning of the year Addazio said that he wanted to have balance in his offense, and we are now through 4 games and haven’t seen anything resembling that. After the game he said he wanted to really work on the run given the struggles of the offensive line. But only 20 passing attempts? I get the rushing attack wasn’t clicking, but the passing attack hasn’t been working all that well either. It would have been nice to see BC work on some of those plays as well.