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End of 1: Boston College leads Wagner 14-7

It was a rough start, but the Eagles have taken the lead.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

It was an auspicious start for the Eagles, as Wagner quarterback Alex Thomson broke out of the pocket for a 55-yard touchdown run to put the Seahawks up 7-0.

But BC answered by putting the ball on the ground. Jon Hilliman carried five straight times, including a 41-yard sprint off the left side, on BC's next drive. He would tie the game with a one-yard score.

The defense responded with a three-and-out, and quarterback Patrick Towles hit tight end Tommy Sweeney to put the ball inside the Wagner 20. From there. Towles would roll right, but cut back against the grain for a 17-yard touchdown run to give BC its first lead.

Obviously, BC would like to not only win, but gain some confidence, and that likely means throwing the ball a little bit more. So far the Eagles haven't really been effective through the air, as Towles has been forced scrambled four times on seven drop backs.

We'll see what the Eagles do in the second quarter.