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What? Boston College Unveils Newest Members Of Their Street Team.

This is confusing

If you have been living under a rock, you may have missed that Boston College has gone full tilt into their “Boston’s College” advertising campaign this fall. They have been giving out free tickets, Baldwin has been everywhere, and yesterday they announced the two newest members of their advertising team

That is the nightmare fuel version of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, who will be traipsing around Boston during the week spreading the good word of Boston College athletics. Yeah, I’m as confused as you are. And hey, if you want to meet Paul and Samuel today, they are going to be at the Plex, so bring your kids...if you don’t mind that they will never sleep again.

Look, I’m all about advertising the program, and bringing in casual fans in the area seems like a great idea. It is just confusing that Boston College would pick two additional “mascots” that look almost identical to UMass’s Sam the Minuteman. I have no idea how these two are connected to Boston College, our program, or anything related to our sports programs. You have to imagine that Joe from Southie is going to be confused when he sees these two guys walking down the street with Baldwin the mascot from BC.

Well only time will tell if this program will actually work, and get the program noticed, or it will be shoved in the “closet of bad ideas” along with the live eagle mascot that was terrified of crowds, and inflatable Baldwin Jr.