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Boston College vs. Wagner: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Can BC take down the powerhouse Seahawks?

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Boston College Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s on to the game that everyone has had circled on their calendar all year, the Wagner Seahawks. The excitement is palpable. Not only is it the annual FCS cupcake, but it’s also BC’s home opener...on September 24. On paper Wagner appears to be Howard 2.0, but of course you take nothing for granted with this team. Let’s take a look at what lies ahead.

Five Keys To The Game:

  1. BC Needs To Completely Dominate In The Trenches. Can They? Wagner is not a team that should give either the offensive or defensive line any trouble. BC should be able to toss them around and make plays. It’s going to be very disconcerting if the offensive line makes mistakes, this is their chance to click as a group and play a flawless game.
  2. Let Towles/Wade Make Some Throws. The Eagles threw the ball a season high 29 times last week, but only completed a paltry 31%. That is completely unacceptable. This is the perfect time for Towles/Wade to get in a groove or rhythm with his teammates.
  3. Avoid Prolonged “Three Yards And A Pile Of Dust”: One of the hallmarks of Addazio’s offense is ball control. Long, controlled, long, run controlled, long, drives are what many of his drives turn into. However against better teams, this doesnt work, especially when behind. Can BC make a few quick scores, on long plays? The last thing we want to see is Jon Hilliman running it up the gut 25-30 times. That would be a waste.
  4. Set Defense To Destroy: This defense has got to be pissed after the embarrassing showing they had last week. While much of it can be blamed on the offense’s inability to stay on the field, the defense did itself no favors with poor tackling and penalties. They need to just destroy Wagner, and I think they can.
  5. Get The Kids Some Playing Time: The starters need as many reps as possible, but I want to see some of the backups get in there as well. Would be great to see Ben Glines, Nolan Borgersen, and some of the freshmen WR (if they are burning redshirts). Figure out for good if you want Jim Cashman or Elijah Johnson at guard. Get some reps for the backups on defense. Let Noa Merritt, Lukas Denis and others see the field. It’s a good chance for them to get game experience.

Beer of the Week

Lunch - Maine Beer Company. Easily becoming one of my favorite breweries, this is their signature beer. Yes, I went back to the IPA again, but this one is a beautiful thing. It takes a special beer to taste like it was just bottled, and that is exactly what Maine does with every bottle. Really, if you haven’t tried this yet, you haven’t lived.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down- Ma$e and Puff Daddy. Sean Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy, Puffy/Combs was a juggernaut in the late 90’s. Some of his music was great, see anything with Notorious B.I.G, and some of it was garbage. This was a great track. Ma$e could have gone on to be one of the biggest rappers in the world, but instead he went into ministry. He’s back again, but he’s nothing like he was.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Breakfast Sandwiches: Early morning/afternoon game, nothing beats grabbing some bagels or english muffins, some eggs and some meat and throwing them on the grill. Honestly, kegs and eggs is possibly the greatest combination since Belichick and Brady.

Fire up the BCI Prediction Machine And GPS!

Arthur B (1):44- 7 Boston College. (Bailin grabs the point for the VT game as he was one of three guys to pick the Hokies, and the only one who had them scoring more than 17 points)

AJ (1): 63-0 Boston College

Laura B: 28-3 Boston College

Eric H: 35-0 BC

Jeff: 49-0 Boston College

Grant: 56-0 Boston College

Joe: 49-0 Boston College

Coach JF: 51-6 Boston College

Brian F: 14-3 Boston College

BC Superfan Thermometer: -10/10.

I’ve tried my damndest to get excited about this one, and I can’t even get there. In terms of the casual-regular BC fan I can tell you exactly what they are thinking. It’s Wagner, who cares, let’s go do something else. My in laws were supposed to come, they have been season tickets for over a decade, and they decided they wanted to go find an alternate activity.

How are you feeling about this game? Excited? Don’t give a darn? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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