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BC - Wagner: Guess The Attendance

How many will show dressed as inconspicuous aluminum benches?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles open the home portion of the 2016 football season against the FCS juggernaut known as the Wagner Seahawks.

Wagner enters the game 2-0 with resounding victories over Division II, St Anselm's 38-16 and "The School Up North" 38-0,..whoops, that wouldn't be the University of Michigan but their Ann Arbor neighbors, NAIA Concordia University.

BC of course comes in off the biggest beat down of the past 66 years, the 49-0 pasting inflicted by the New England Patriots..geez..sorry again, the Virginia Tech Hokies.

All which broaches the subject of whether if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to witness it, does it really make a noise or would it prefer just to run into the middle of the line on 3rd and 10?

The season is just a few weeks old, but momentum has slowed to the point, where it looks more like the group of teenagers in a slasher flick, running from the murderer.

The group of teenagers though are BC students and of course the rest of us and how many in total will assemble at the Church of Pound the Rock Left, Pound the Rock Right better known as Alumni Stadium Saturday?

It's been since 1982 that the Eagles first home game has been later than the September 24 date for the Wagner game as well as since 1982 that the first home game has been as late as the fourth game of the season.  That year, the Eagles home opener vs Temple sold out at 32,000, but that BC team entered that game #18 in the country.

It's been since the 2007 team played FCS UMass that a 1AA game has drawn in excess of 40,000 and last year's Howard game drew a paltry 26,132 (if you believe the media guide..which I have many reasons to distrust!)

So what do you think?  Weigh in below!