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Two Minute Drill: Still Processing An Ugly Loss, And Looking Into FCS Scheduling

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

AJ Black: Well it was a tough week, and disheartening to say the least, but it’s on to Wagner. Eric let’s get the ball rolling and take a look at last week’s train wreck. Eric what was the most troubling part of that game, and boy that could be a lot.

Eric: There are more options here than being hungover at a Chinese Food Buffet. You know what really bothered me though? The score was 35-0 and there was about 5:00 left in the third quarter, so the game was out of hand. On a 4th-and-15 from the VT 32-yard line BC commits a false start to make it 4th-and-20 from the 37-yard line. Addazio sent out the punt team and Knoll knocked one out of the end zone for a net gain of 17 yards.

Addazio should really be ashamed of himself for this decision. He literally quit on the team in the third quarter. Were they going to come back? 99% chance they weren’t, but maybe Towles throws one up for grabs to Callinan and it gets caught for a first down or maybe they draw a cheap PI penalty and keep the drive alive. I just thought it was a despicable decision by Power 5 football coach.

AJ, I’m interested in what your thoughts are on this.

AJ: I have to say my biggest worry was the play, and most importantly the mistakes the offensive line made. Jimmy Lowrery was one of the players I was most excited about when the season started, but this is the second game this season where I’ve seen him make some serious in game errors. The lack of toughness on that line is concerning, and I don’t know how BC can just fix it. If Addazio is going to want to pound the rock, like he said he is going to continue to do, he HAS to have superb play up front, and what I saw on Saturday was a group that didn’t look that much better than the mess we had up front in 2015.

Eric, the defense looked completely overmatched as well. Do you think that had more to do with the offense’s inability to stay on the field or the play of VT, or both?

Eric: I don’t count any of the scores after BC went down 35-0 because that’s the point where the coach quit. However, if you look at the other touchdowns before that, four-of-five drives by VT were under 60 yards, and 2 of the drives were 30 yards or less. That doesn’t make the performance by the defense much more acceptable, but it does explain a little how they allowed so many points. I’m not sure if it would’ve made people feel better if the defense allowed 21 points through two and a half quarters instead of 35 though.

I think it’s OK to begin to worry when the secondary will come together. The unit continues to allow big plays which it can’t do based on what the BC offense is doing right now.

What would you do to fix the running game right now? Make some changes in the backfield, on the line, or both?

AJ: I’ve hammered it multiple times now, but it has to be the play calling. The run plays are just so slow to develop, and while I think the offensive line is certainly not playing well, the calls are not giving them a chance. Watching the Patriots run game was a treat on Sunday, when they have a designed run, Lagarrette Blount had the ball in his hands very quickly, and that gave him a chance to find holes quickly (and the Patriots offensive line isn’t great for NFL standards either).

Earlier this week I wrote about how there is still some value in playing an FCS team. Do you see it that way?

Eric: I think the timing is great for BC right now to try and get some confidence going up against a FCS team. Is it fun watching these types of games?Absolutely not. However, the rest of the teams in the country schedule games like this so there is no reason for BC to give up an opportunity to pad the W-L record.

What’s your take on playing FCS teams?

AJ: It’s a necessary evil. Until college football conferences decide that they aren’t going to schedule them anymore, I’m not going to yell and scream that they are on the schedule. But if more conferences go the route of the B1G and decide not to schedule them, I’m all on board.

No Huddle

AJ: Louisville certainly had a statement win on Saturday pounding Florida State, do you think they will end up in the College Football Playoff?

Eric: No, I say Clemson beats the Cardinals, but Lamar Jackson is the most exciting player in the country right now. Who do you have in the battle of former Big East teams between ‘Cuse and UConn this weekend?

AJ: Syracuse. I don’t believe in UConn at all, and Syracuse probably will have the offense to put some points on the board. Eric, final question from me, will 20,000 people show up on Saturday to the BC game?

Eric: If I could bet my mortgage, car and all my personal possessions on this I would, and I would take the under. There is no way 20,000 people are in seats on Saturday. What do you have on the menu for Saturday?

AJ: Not tailgating this year :(. But probably going to hit up a tailgate or two on the way to the stadium, so I’ll eat whatever people want to feed me!