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Boston College vs. Georgia Tech: Reasons I Can't Sleep

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College vs Georgia Tech will kick off in approximately nine hours, and to tell the truth, I am too excited to sleep. Right now there is a lot going through my brain, and true some of it is alcohol fueled, but college football is almost here and here are some of the reasons I am wide awake:

  • Patrick Towles has the potential to be a good to really good quarterback. Remember he had a terrible offensive line at Kentucky, and wide receivers who just gave up on him. Tyler Murphy was a cast away at Florida, and found a second life here, Towles could too
  • Bill Romanowski, Mark Herzlich, Luke Kuechly, Steven Daniels......Matt Milano?
  • There are thousands of BC fans right now having a blast in Ireland, and I'm regretting that I couldn't figure out an excuse to get out of work and be with the my fellow Eagles.
  • Do you like watching defensive ends kill things? Well then Harold Landry is the guy for you.
  • Jonathan Hilliman is back and wants a championship. An angry running back is a good thing
  • Chris Lindstrom ate a lot this offseason, and he's going to not be the pushover he was in 2015.
  • Myles Willis was looked over by every team in Georgia, and has a fire under his butt. What better way to get that anger out than a local team that over looked him
  • Steve Addazio was rightfully trashed for an entire season last year, tomorrow will be a perfect time to shut up all his critics.
  • Tommy Sweeney may have the best hands a tight end has had in years for BC.
  • The Eagles have a secondary with speed and talent that may be better than any group in recent memory. THEY GOING TO BE FLYING AROUND.
  • Jeff Smith,  not a quarterback I enjoyed watching, but get him the ball in open space as a WR? LETS DO THIS
  • Tyler Rouse, is there any guy more BC than him?
  • Only one more season of War Daddy. Truman Gutapfel, eat man, eat.
  • I strongly believe that last year was an outlier, and that BC will be a bowl team again this year.
  • Michael Walker....the original Jeff Smith 2.0?
Do you really need a reason? College football is back. Hope springs eternal. Grab that Guinness and let's do this.

What are you reasons to get excited? Leave 'em in the comments. Go Eagles! Soar