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Aer Lingus Classic: Boston College vs Georgia Tech. Final Thoughts And Predictions

What are you predicting for Saturday’s Game?

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s finally here, BC football returns in less than 24 hours. Hopefully in that time we will get to wash the awful taste of 2015 out of our mouths, and get a team this year we can all be proud of. Cross your fingers. Tomorrow is a special game, as the Eagles are in Dublin to take on the Coastal Division’s Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. It’s a 7:30a.m. start on ESPN2, so you have two choices: either go to bed early and wake up early, or say screw it and just go to bed after the game.

Five Burning Questions

  1. Can the offensive line hold their own? This is a question that could dictate the success of the season. If we see a repeat performance of 2015, it could signal another long season for the Eagles. But if Chris Lindstrom is as good as Addazio says he is, and Jimmy Lowrery sures up that tackle position, BC’s offense may improve.
  2. Can Patrick Towles Prevent The Big Turnover: One of the biggest knocks against Towles in Kentucky was that he made some ill advised passes. Our own Eric Hoffses reported at the scrimmages that Towles made the same mistakes. BC’s offense can’t give away the ball and it starts at the QB.
  3. Can an aggressive defensive also be disciplined? Defending against the option can be tricky, and overly aggressive defenses can be burned if they overpursue. Can BC stick to their lanes, and play smart on defense to stop Justin Thomas and the GT offense?
  4. Can Steve Addazio and Scot Loeffler manage the clock? Pretty self explanatory here, Addazio has a history of struggling with game management, and Loeffler should be the guy to help him. Will it make a difference?
  5. Play calling, what is it going to look like? Is it really going to be as balanced as they say?

Pregame Beer of the Week: Look I have been called a beer snob on here on many a times, which is kind of a badge of honor to me. However, I’m going with a classic here, the game is in Dublin, so drink like the Irish do with a hearty Guinness. If you are in Ireland, I swear the Guinness is better than it is in the states.

Gametime Grub Of The Week:

The Irish breakfast. An egg, sausage, baked beans, and blood sausage (which is much better than it sounds). An Irish tradition, and with a 7:30 am kickoff, I can’t think of anything better.

Song of the Week: No rap music this week. Grouchy readers rejoice! I travelled over to Ireland about five years ago, and listened to many a pub band. If you haven’t had a chance to do it, add it to your bucket list. The Dubliners are a pretty big time group, but here they are doing a classic.

Fire up the BCI Prediction Machine And GPS!

Arthur Bailin: 26-21 Birds. Two missed xp's. Watching from the smoldering rubble of Edmonds Hall.
Joe O’Grav: BC 24-GT 10I'll be in the Landsdowne End with Grant #SOAR
Grant S: BC 21, GT 14. I will be watching from #HIGH up in Aviva Stadium with Joe. Win this game and we've got ourselves extended excitement this season.
Jeff M: 17-14 BC. BC blows a two score second half lead to make it a nail biter. I will be watching the game at home in NC. Setting the alarm for an early beer.
Laura B: 17-14 BC. If we're being honest I will probably sleep through the first half and watch the second half from the comfort of my own home...
Eric H: BC 20-19. I will watch with an Irish coffee in my hand.
Coach JF: BC 24 GT 20 - Wishing I was in the Landsdowne end with Joe and Grant
AJ Black: BC 20- GT 17. Watching in my BC PJ’s in New Hampshire, with a Guinness in my hand.

BC Superfan Thermometer: 9/10.

What are you predicting for tomorrow’s game? Will BC eek out a win and get our first conference win in over a year? Or are we heading for some more disappointment. Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comment section. Go Eagles!

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