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Wagner Game: What BC Needs To Do To Maximize This Week

It seems like a waste of time, but there may be some usefulness to this week if the coaches approach it right

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

First of all let me say, that I’m not a fan of scheduling Wagner, and for the most part it’s a pointless win especially with what we saw on Saturday against Virginia Tech. You may look at this game, and think there is nothing to gain, and if BC goes out there and runs it 45 times you’d be right. But if BC approaches this right, they could use Saturday as a spring board to fix some of the problems we saw against the Hokies.

First off, the offense was bland, vanilla and worst of all predictable in Blacksburg. Saturday will give BC a chance to try out some things with the run against a defense that shouldn’t have a prayer. Forget the power counter run with Jon Hilliman, go with quicker developing runs, and try out Davon Jones/Myles Willis more, especially if Hilliman isn’t see the holes quick enough. This is the perfect time to try something different, with in game conditions to boot.

Secondly, if Steve Addazio was wise, he would sit Patrick Towles/Darius Wade down and explain to them that they are going to treat Wagner’s defense as if it was Clemson. While the Seahawks may not get to the QB for long periods of time, Addazio needs to reiterate to Towles that he needs to get the ball out of his hands in 2-3 seconds, unless it’s a designed long pass. Practice getting the ball out quick, a skill that is vital against faster teams, and something that Towles really struggled with against VT. Even if the QBs completes a pass, but holds on to it too long, the coaching staff should be all over them.

Finally, and this is a complete long shot, but try to up the tempo a bit. I know this goes against every fiber of Addazio’s being, but you have the offensive pieces to run a little more faster tempo a little less, “pound the rock and control the ball”. We do not have the offensive line, or running backs right now to dominate the line of scrimmage, especially when you are giving defenses all the time in the world to substitute to their hearts desires. Getting calls in quicker, and getting to the line faster makes defenses make adjustments even faster and can lead to mistakes. Will this happen? Probably not, but against a team like Wagner it might be worth experimenting.

The football team is in a tough spot right now after getting blown on Saturday. If the Eagles were to go out and show that they are trying to adapt to the loss, learn from their mistakes and prepare for the upcoming ACC matchups, it might be worth watching this game on Saturday.