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No Line Posted For Boston College-Wagner Game

A pointless week begins without a point spread

Boston College v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

As bad as Boston College looked on Saturday against the ‘72 Dolphins Virginia Tech, they’re likely to put up a huge margin on Wagner this coming weekend, in a game that is even more pointless than the usual FCS game.

As a result of Wagner barely even being an FCS team, Vegas has not posted a line for the BC vs. Wagner game on Saturday, and it’s likely to remain off the board. The oddsmakers did eventually post a 45-point spread for last year’s BC-Howard game, which the Eagles obliterated in a 76-0 win.

Wagner is 2-0 this year after wins over (really) St. Anselm and Concordia University. Last year’s foray in to FBS competition for Wagner went poorly in a 70-6 loss to BYU. Wagner also gave up huge point totals against Sacred Heart (45-17), Bryant (40-10) and St. Francis (43-13).

The moral of the story: if there’s a line and an over/under posted, expect for BC to cover it and to go over. This is a Howard-esque matchup, no matter how bad BC is right now.