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Virginia Tech 49 Boston College 0: Cheers And Jeers

Let’s get this one out of the way.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was an absolute train wreck, there is no other way to sugar coat it. In my years of watching Boston College football, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game spin so completely out of control as what I watched in Blacksburg yesterday. Just an embarrassing showing all around. I watched this game once, and I’m not rewatching it again, sorry folks, if you want to sit through that s*** show and analyze plays, be my guest. I have better things to do.

Let’s get this ball rolling.


It was a 3:30, so you could enjoy most of your Saturday without knowing what was in store.

It wasn’t a home game so most of us didn’t have to see it in person. Also, watching it on TV you could just turn the channel onto anything more entertaining.

Mike Knoll probably has perfected his punting technique at this point, given all the practice he got yesterday.

To anyone who watched the entire game. You deserve a medal.


Let’s break this down by parts of the team


Let’s see, the playcalling was predictable, if I had to watch Patrick Towles call a half back draw option that developed slower than War and Peace I was going to scream. By the time the ball go into Jon Hilliman/Myles Willis arms, there were three Hokie defenders in the backfield. It didn’t work against UMass, and it certainly didn’t work against a much more disciplined and faster defense like VT. Take that play and burn it with fire.

Mental mistakes: drops all over the place (Michael Walker had a terrible game), penalties, false starts. Just sloppy and a mess.


I don’t know what happened to this defense, but they looked very pedestrian today. While I can’t hate on them as much as I did the offense, the offense/special teams gave them horrible field position almost the whole game, they still let up 49 points.

Jerod Evans did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted against this D. They had no answer to his scrambles, he carved them up with the intermediate stuff, and on a few occasions when VT went deep, they were bailed out on stupid PI calls (think one was on Gabe McClary)

Nothing went right for the defense. Bad tackling, penalties, they looked out of place. They need to regroup badly.


Listen I have defended Addazio for years, but I’m about done. The team had no answers to anything on offense or defense, but what bugged me the most was that they tried nothing new, and that is on the coaching staff. What we were hoping for was that Addazio and his staff would take some chances, especially when things weren’t working. Instead BC kept it plain, Towles struggled, the defense couldn’t stop anything. This offensive gameplan is completely broken, and I have no idea how they are going to score points against ACC defenses if they honestly believe that style is going to work.