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HALFTIME: Boston College Trails 21-0 After Disastrous First Half

Where to begin?

Aer Lingus College Football Classic Ireland 2016 Photo by Patrick Bolger/Getty Images

There’s really not much to say or break down at this point: The Boston College offense can’t do much of anything. They can’t run, they can barely throw; at least Towles looks pretty confident running with the ball?

The Eagles gained just 92 yards of total offense in the first half, 62 through the air and 30 on the ground. Towles started heaving awful throws up and down the field on BC’s final drive of the half, ending with a bad interception.

The Eagle defense hasn’t been THAT terrible, but it hasn’t been the kind of dominant BC has needed to count on in order to stay in games against good teams.

Virginia Tech opened the scoring just 6 minutes in to the game when Travon McMillan hauled in a pass from Jerod Evans. Evans added another passing touchdown late in the first quarter to make it 14-0.

The BC D held for most of the second quarter but the offense continued to sputter out time and time again.

That set up Virginia Tech with under two minutes to play in the half; Evans launched a pass to Isiah Ford to make it 21-0.

So that’s that. It’s going to be another ACC loss for the Eagles. Where do we go from here? What can BC even try to do in the second half?