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END 1: Eagles getting flattened, trail Virginia Tech 14-0


Aer Lingus College Football Classic Ireland 2016 Photo by Patrick Bolger/Getty Images

If you were feeling excited or optimistic going in to today’s game, it didn’t take long to feel deflated. Despite forcing a punt on Virginia Tech’s first possession, the defense was unable to be its usual dominant self the rest of the quarter, allowing the Hokies two really solid drives down the field to take a 14-0 lead.

BC’s offense looked lost, unable to do anything in any of their drives. They did have some movement on their first drive, including a nice third down strike from Towles to Sweeney to connect for a first down, but later in the drive they fumbled the ball away.

BC continues to be unable to get any semblance of a running game going, and now that they’re 14 points down they’re probably going to need to start going to the air more often if they’re going to come back.

BC has not come back from a two score deficit for a win at any point during Steve Addazio’s tenure. There’s a first time for everything, I suppose, but right now this has the makings of a long, long day in Blacksburg.