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Boston College vs. Virginia Tech: Final Thoughts And Predictions

The gang gives their predictions and talks about the upcoming matchup with the Hokies.

NCAA Football: Boston College vs Massachusetts Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Well Boston College has their first win in the books, after a decisive victory over the Minutemen last weekend at Gillette Stadium. But there is no time to rest, the Eagles have their second ACC opponent tomorrow, the Virginia Tech Hokies. Another chance against a team they could beat, and another chance at ending the ACC losing streak. But will the Eagles be able to pull it off on the road? Let’s take a look.

Five Burning Questions:

  1. Can Patrick Towles Limit The Mistakes: There were two biggies last week for the graduate transfer from Kentucky. The first was his slide on 4th and short, which turned into a turnover on downs. The second was that brutal interception right before halftime deep in their own zone. These kind of mistakes are what kills teams against a Bud Foster defense. Towles is going to need to play a smart and effective game limiting those mistakes. Can he do it?
  2. Establish the run, but don’t be predictable: Credit when credit is due, Addazio and Scot Loeffler mixed in some good plays against UMass. They threw it on first down more often, and had Towles back to pass a little more as well. But BC needs to shake things up a lot not only in their pass/run ratio, but in the way they run the ball as well. Running Jon Hilliman into an overloaded box is a recipe for disaster against VT, they are going to need to use the change of pace backs more effectively as well. Use Myles Willis, Davon Jones and Tyler Rouse on some off tackle and sweep runs to keep the Hokies honest. Also throw in the jet sweep with Jeff Smith, and some fakes off of that.
  3. Continue to make VT pay for turnovers: The Hokies killed themselves last week with turnovers against Tennessee. BC’s defense is going to need to continue to make them make those mistakes and give the offense a short field.
  4. Control Time Of Possession: Anyone who thinks that BC is going to go out there and run a fast paced, fling the ball around offense doesn’t know Addazio. He is going to have those long methodical drives and against VT this will actually help. A Justin Fuentes offense is predicated on tempo and rhythm. If they aren’t seeing the field because the opposing offense is keeping a long sustained drive, that will only help keep them out of sync.
  5. Coach To Win Not “Not to Lose”: This game is very winnable for BC, but Addazio is going to need to be more confident in his team. If BC takes a lead, don’t settle for just bleeding the clock or going conservative. Go for the throat. The last thing this team needs is leaving points out there because instead of trying to move into FG range, they decide bleeding three minutes off the clock is a better bet.

Beer of the Week

Moat’s Brewing Company: Opa’s Oktoberfest. Earlier this week I caught some slack from MattBC03 for saying it was too early for pumpkin beer. I still stand behind my statement. However, I don’t think it’s too early for Oktoberfest. If you haven’t been to the Moat Brewery in North Conway, New Hampshire, you are missing out. Very good beers, excellent BBQ. Well worth it, especially during the winter months.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

DJ Khaled- All I Do Is Win. It may not be old school, but look, with all the losing BC has done lately, we need a change our mindframe here. Plus DJ Khaled may be my favorite personality on social media. Seriously, watch his instagram account, he is amazing, life changing in fact. Blessed. Major key alert!

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Pulled Pork: Listen, it’s an away game it’s the perfect time to get that smoker out, grab a shoulder of pork and let that baby marinate. I could seriously eat pulled pork at every tail gate. I have no say in which area of the country has the best BBQ, but I am very happy with my wife’s recipe.

Fire up the BCI Prediction Machine And GPS!

Arthur B: 24-17 VT. What’s a Hokie anyways? I’ll be consuming my weight in wings at Cityside.
Laura B: 17-14 BC. Whereabouts unknown. #mysterious
Eric H: 17-13 VT.
Jeff: 28-14 BC. Watching the game with his family at VT in the very small BC section.
Grant: 20-17 BC. Watching the game from his couch
Joe: 16-13 Virginia Tech. Curled up nervously on or near the couch.
AJ: 17-10 VT. Swearing at the game from a cabin in New Hampshire.

Coach JF: 20-16 BC. VT has a massive Bristol hangover and puts the ball on the ground leading to BC points.

BC Superfan Thermometer: 5/10.

Looking forward to another potentially winnable ACC game, but man does the negative part of my brain overwhelm my excitement. It’s almost like I’m waiting to see how they manage to lose again. **Turns back on the DJ Khaled song**. Nevermind! Al Davis said it best just win baby win!

What are you predicting for tomorrow’s game? Can BC win their first ACC game in over a year? Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments! #soar #GoEagles

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