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ACC To Move All Neutral Site Games Out Of North Carolina, Including Football Championship

The championships are on the move.

NCAA Football: ACC Football Championship Game-Clemson vs North Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC made news today when they announced that all neutral site games would be moved from North Carolina in response to HB2.

This is big news for the ACC who will be forced to find new sites for a variety of championship games including women’s soccer, women’s basketball, baseball, golf, and football for this upcoming season. The football game, which has been held in Charlotte, will be relocated, with no hint at where that might be. Will it be another neutral site, or will it be held on a campus?

John Swofford the ACC Commissioner came out with the following statement as well about why the ACC made the move, after seemingly being hesitant to before.

The news is still breaking on this, so we will keep you up to date if anything pops up. Obviously this is going have a major impact on many of the ACC sports moving forward.