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Get Your “Vote York 2016” Shirts Here

Gear up for hockey season

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Boss Jerry York

Boston College hockey season is, remarkably, just a little over two weeks away. The Eagles get their season started on Friday, October 7 against Air Force at the IceBreaker tournament in Denver.

Micamisa, a New York-based online apparel company operated a by a recent Boston College alum, has designed just the shirt to get you ready for the fall:

york brown 2016

Show your support for BC’s legendary head coach as he looks to continue to pile up the wins this season - all while supporting a small business operated by a Boston College alum. Here’s one candidate we can all get behind this fall.

Micamisa is an online apparel and merchandise consultancy established this year, specializing in graphic design, online marketing and social media monetization. Micamisa partners with influencers and brands to help them make the most out of their following. To learn more about Micamisa, visit their home page here. Go Eagles!