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Troy Flutie Returns To Depth Chart As Starting Holder

Flutie missed the first two games after off-season incident

NCAA Football: Boston College at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE 6:44 AM: Per the comments section and a check in on the postgame press conference transcript, apparently Flutie was already back as the holder for Week 2. I apologize for my error.

Original story, 6:00 AM:

Boston College sophomore Troy Flutie returned to the depth chart for this week’s game against Virginia Tech, slotted in for week three as the team’s starting holder.

Flutie was suspended after his summer arrest for DUI, though Boston College did not release details of his punishment publicly. He did not appear in either of the first two games, but is apparently set to return for week 3.

Flutie’s move to the holder role represents yet another change to the beleaguered kicking unit, which has repeatedly shuffled through kickers and holders without being able to solve the vexing puzzle of how to hit an extra point.

Let’s hope Flutie proves to be a skilled holder and makes a difference for that unit; given their struggles over the last few years, if he does, it will be yet another episode of “Flutie Magic” in Boston College history.

Last year, Flutie played 8 games at quarterback, going 24-for-49 for 382 yards.