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Boston College QB Patrick Towles “Dedicates” Season To Slain Gorilla Harambe

Controversy Rages After Shooting Death Of Endangered Gorilla At Cincinnati Zoo Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images

If you have been active on the internet over the past few months, you know the story of Harambe the Cincinnati gorilla, who was shot after a child slipped into his pen. The There have been a slew of memes, and all sorts of mentions on social media. Basically, name a story and Harambe has been thrown into some sort of joke involving it.

Yesterday, graduate transfer Boston College quarterback Patrick Towles went to Instagram/Twitter to weigh in on his upcoming season. He proclaimed (probably joking) that he is dedicating his season to Harambe the gorilla, and as you can guess, it went viral

Dedicating this season to the realist there ever was... #RIPHARAMBE

A photo posted by Patrick Towles (@patty_ice_8) on

The responses to Patrick’s tweets were pretty funny. Here are a few:

Surely it was just a joke, and nothing to take seriously, but still something topical and rather funny.

Training camp opens on Monday, let’s hope that Patrick Towles will bring some of that Harambe magic with him to the Heights.