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Athlon Sports Publishes Anonymous ACC Coaches Opinions On BC Football

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

College sports site Athlon Sports posted an interesting article this week that captured what some anonymous coaches thought of the BC program. It kind of captures where our program is at, their thoughts on 2015, and what other teams think of the Eagles.

“You know when you play them it’s going to be a four-quarter battle.”

“The thing with them is they were just horrible on offense with the injuries they had. You felt like from an offensive standpoint if you scored 14 points the game was over and it really was. I don’t think anyone can survive playing four different quarterbacks.”

“The interesting thing with them will be to watch the change from the defensive coordinator with Don Brown to Jim Reid coming in because it’s two completely different styles and philosophies if Reid does what he did when he was at Virginia.”

“BC’s defense last year was the biggest pain for us to prepare for because they did so many things, especially on third down. The fronts they lined up in, the pressures they came with were unique, and they had some big, physical players. They were legit.”

“Reid played a base defense when he was at Virginia, and on third down you get maybe one or two different pressures, so it’s like one end of the spectrum to the other. It’ll be interesting to see what they do.”

“[Steve] Addazio has done a good job and has to continue developing the program. I don’t think they need to change their identity at all. It’s a run-first team, they play physical up front and they build it around their offensive line, which is Addazio’s deal. They embrace being who they are.”

“I know ‘almost’ usually gets coaches fired, but if you look how many games they lost by three points or seven points against good teams, it’s not like they were embarrassing themselves.”

Some of these quotes aren’t all that surprising to Eagles fans, especially the quotes regarding last season. Yes we know BC was in a lot of games, yes we know they fought hard. The quotes that I thought were most interesting had to do with Jim Reid. Addazio has gone on to say that BC is going to play a very similar type of defense that was used under former defensive coordinator Don Brown. If that is the case, this seems very different than the defenses Reid used in Virginia. Will there be a learning curve for the new defensive coordinator?