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Boston College Football: Vegas Odds Set Over/Under At 7 Wins In 2016

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The gambling overlords in Las Vegas have set their expectations for the upcoming Boston College Eagles season. According to the Bovada casino, the over/under for the Eagles will be 7 wins.

Given that the Eagles have a very, very winnable set of out of conference games (Buffalo, UMass, UConn, Wagner), this number seems about right to start. They get Georgia Tech, who just like BC went 3-9 last season, a Syracuse team at home that could be a very winnable game, Wake Forest (same), and an N.C. State team on a down year.

Looking at BC’s schedule here are the win over/unders for their opponents:

Georgia Tech: 6 1/2
UMass/Buffalo: Doesn’t have a projection ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Virginia Tech: 6 1/2
UConn: 6 1/2
Florida State: 11
Louisville: 9 1/2
Clemson: 11
Wake Forest: 6 1/2
Syracuse: 4
N.C. State: 6 1/2

That’s a whole lot of 6 1/2 wins projected for BC’s schedule, meaning that at least on paper the Eagles should have a lot of toss up games. Do you think seven wins seems manageable for the Eagles? Or would you put the number higher/lower? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.