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Steve Addazio Declines To Name Starting QB During ACC Conference Call

Still no answer on the starting QB

Patrick Towles
John Quackenbos

The Eagles have landed in Dublin, and have begun to practice on Irish soil, but head coach Steve Addazio has yet to formally name a starting quarterback for Saturday’s game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

If you were to follow the trends during practice and scrimmage all signs would point to Patrick Towles being the starter. He, as many on this board have pointed out, practiced mainly with the first teamers. Addazio has been very positive about Towles, a graduate student, and nothing the coach has said or done indicates otherwise.

Boston College and head coach Steve Addazio really don’t have anything to gain by publicly acknowledging who is the QB. Again as we have pointed out, he releases depth charts all the time that don’t reflect the lineup we see during a game. Might as well make the other team gameplan for both, keep them guessing, even if they probably are coming to the same conclusions.

At least we can hopefully rest easily knowing that it will be one quarterback, and not any sort of rotation like we saw out of Jeff Smith/Troy Flutie/John Fadule last season. It looks like we will have to wait until Saturday to get total confirmation on whether it will be Patrick Towles or Darius Wade.