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Steve Addazio Georgia Tech Press Conference: No QB Starter Named Yet

What else did the head coach have to say?

John Quackenbos

Steve Addazio had his weekly press conference to start off the season and prepare for the Eagles upcoming matchup in Ireland against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The first thing many fans wanted to know about is who will be the starter going into the game. Addazio didn’t clearly name them instead saying "I think (Patrick Towles and Darius Wade) both had a great camp. They're throwing the ball well. They're leading the offense well. We have confidence in both of those guys.” Addazio may be saying this to try to make Georgia Tech plan for both, but all signs still point to Towles getting the nod. Unfortunately we may have to wait until Saturday to get the official news.

The other big note of the press conference is the relative health of the squad. When asked if the team is injury free he said "Yeah, I think so. I hope so. At this point it looks like we should have everyone on board, which is a good thing."“. That is great news, injuries happen during camps, and the fact that BC escaped without a major injury is huge.

Addazio talked about the running backs saying that each player has a role with the team, and though they all may not get a ton of carries he is “just glad that we have a strong stable of backs. You need that if you want to run the ball. You need a stable of backs. In our conference, very physical defensive conference, you need to have talented guys”. In terms of the WR’s he talked at length about Michael Walker and Jeff Smith, who both missed parts of camp, but still distinguished themselves enough to start for the Eagles. Both of these WR’s seem like high speed playmakers, something BC sorely lacked last year.

The defense has impressed the head coach as well, Addazio went out of his way to compliment some of his second stringers, specifically Noa Merritt who he said had a great camp and continues to improve. He talked about the difficulty of defending the option, being careful with the blitz “Sure you can, but you've got to be really careful. Somebody's got to get the dive, someone's got to get the quarterback and someone's got to get the pitch. People don't like to pressure hard option teams. You get toasted.”, Finally he talked about practicing with Myles Willis as an option QB to simulate the Georgia Tech offense something he did while playing in Georgia.

The entire transcript can be found here.