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BCI Radio Returns This Week To Talk Georgia Tech Football. Questions Needed.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You asked for it and it will return. BCI radio will be coming back this season for more hard hitting football talk. This week, the show will be available on Wednesday on Itunes. This week we will be talking Georgia Tech with Joey Weaver of SBNation blog From The Rumble Seat, a site dedicated to GT football.

There are a few changes to our show this year that we wanted you to be aware of.

  • As you all probably saw last week, our revered host Dan Rubin has moved on, so this year AJ will be co-hosting with Eric Hoffses. Eric as many of you know brings a ton of insider information, and years of experience. We are sure you will enjoy what he brings to the table
  • The show will be pre-recorded so there won’t be any live callers this year. We felt that sometimes the calls were going on a little too long, and cut into things, and unfortunately we aren’t like Howard Stern where we can just cut them off.
  • We are however, requesting questions, comments or opinions. AJ will gather all the best questions/thoughts from Twitter, the comments and Facebook and bring them up during the show. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS/THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS!

The show will be a blast as always, so make sure to listen!