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End Of Boston College Football Summer Camp: Predicting The Two Deep On Defense

Linebacker Mike Strizak
John Quackenbos

Yesterday, I looked at the offense and took a shot at what I thought the two deep was going to look like going into the opening game against Georgia Tech. Today, let’s take a look at the defense, a group that should look mostly familiar from 2015.

Defensive Ends

Starters: Zach Allen, Harold Landry
Backups: Kevin Kavalec, Wyatt Ray

I don’t think it’s fair to list just two of the players as starters as I would bet that defensive coordinator Jim Reid will rotate Kevin Kavalec in frequently. Wyatt Ray has had some big plays this summer as well. Could see Tanner Karafa this year as well.

Defensive Tackles

Starters: Truman Gutapfel (T) , Ray Smith (N)
Backups: Noa Merritt, Jack Kenny (?)

This is probably the toughest one to guess after Truman Gutapfel who clearly will be starting. Ray Smith and Noa Merritt are pretty much anyone’s guess at this point, both playing with the starters during the summer. Not a hundred percent sure on the second backup, don’t know if it will be Kenny, Kevin Cohee or maybe a true freshman like Adam Korutz.


SLB: Matt Milano, Sharieff Grice
MLB: Connor Strachan, Ethan Tucky
WLB: Ty Schwab, Mike Strizak

This one seems pretty self explanatory, and no big surprises at least at the starter position. Grice will most likely step up to be the primary backup at SLB, while Tucky a true freshmen wouldn’t surprise me to jump in right away as he grey shirted and has been on campus since January.


LC Isaac Yiadom, Taj-Amir Torres
SS John Johnson, Mehdi El-Attrach
FS William Harris, Atem Ntantang
RC Kamrin Moore, Gabriel McClary

Healthy and back to the starters we should expect. Gabe McClary will most likely be the nickel cornerback this season. Impressive amount of speed and good depth at this position.

Punter: Satchel Ziffler, Mike Knoll
Place Kicker: Colton Lichtenberg
Kick Returners: Michael Walker, Myles Willis
Punt Returners: Michael Walker