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Boston College Football Roundtable 2016: Breakout Star Of Upcoming Season

Who will fans be talking about after 2016?

NCAA Football: Howard at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

As the season comes closer, the writers at BCI have sat down to talk about some of the big questions going into the season. Today, we asked the question about a breakout star. Who is flying kind of under the radar right now either locally or nationally, and will be a household name by the end of the season.

AJ: Tommy Sweeney: It’s been awhile since BC has had a pass catching tight end. He looks to be really legit, good hands, decent speed, and will be the safety valve all season. Patrick Towles has already formed some good chemistry with Sweeney. I think it’s possible he leads the team in receptions in 2016.

Joe: Matt Milano: Granted, he’s already pretty well known, but I feel like Milano will get some more spotlight this season and get some national headlines for his play.

Arthur: Patrick Towles: Towles certainly has had some detractors come out in the offseason (‘sup Shannon Dawson), but with a strong ground game to complement his throwing ability, Towles might have the tools in front of him to run a strong offense.

Eric: Connor Strahan: Strahan is well known to BC fans but I don’t think he is a household name in the rest of the ACC. Fellow linebacker Matt Milano gets the majority of the hype and he is great in his own right. However, I think Strahan has a chance to be top five in the ACC in tackles this season and will find his way onto 2nd Team All-ACC.

Grant: Harold Landry: BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES. What he's going to do to opposing teams is illegal in 23 countries.

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