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End Of BC Football Summer Camp: Projecting the Two Deep On Offense

Taking a guess at the starters going into the season opener against Georgia Tech

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics.

BC is in Georgia Tech mode now, as another summer camp is officially in the books. By the start of next week we should know what the starting 11 will be on both sides of the ball. But based off what we have seen/heard/read, let’s take an estimated guess at the two deep on the offense.


QB1: Patrick Towles- (Gr. )
QB2: Darius Wade (So.) or John Fadule (So.)

All signs point to Towles getting the nod in Dublin. He has had a good camp, the coaching staff has been very high on his leadership qualities, and has done good things with his legs. Wade will definitely be the backup, with Fadule probably as the emergency. Have to imagine that if given the opportunity, BC will try to use a redshirt on Anthony Brown.


HB1: Jonathan Hilliman (So)
HB2: Myles Willis or Tyler Rouse (Sr.)
HB3: Davon Jones (Fr.)

Hilliman should be a go come opening game, and be the heavy duty back that we have expected from him. Willis/Rouse and Jones will all get touches every game, and it’ll be interesting to see how Steve Addazio rotates them in and out. My guess is that Davon Jones will be the third down back for the Eagles.


FB1: Bobby Wolford (Sr.)
FB2: Richard Wilson (So.)

Wolford and Wilson will both see playing time, Wilson could certainly see time as a half back too, especially if there are injuries or a player is banged up. Wolford will work well in this offense, he can catch the ball, can block.

Wide Receivers

WR1: Thadd Smith
WR2: Charlie Callinan
WR3: Elijah Robinson

Backups: Ben Glines, Jeff Smith, Nolan Borgersen

This grouping seems pretty clear as well. Smith, Callinan and Robinson all have the most experience in this offense, and from scrimmage reports are getting first team reps. Glines also should be out there a lot.

Tight Ends

TE1: Tommy Sweeney
TE2: Mike Giacone

Both of these tight will play, probably together in some of the packages. They both bring different skill sets to the tables. Giacone, back from a season ending injury in 2015, is the blocking tight end, almost an extra offensive lineman. While Tommy Sweeney is going to be the pass catching tight end.

Offensive Line

Starting lineup: LT Aaron Monteiro-So., LG Chris Lindstrom-So., C Jon Baker-Jr., RG Jim Cashman Sr., RT Jimmy Lowrery- Gr.

Second String: LT Sam Schmal, LG Ryan Conte C Joel Rich RG Wyatt Knopfke RT John Phillips

Addazio talked about the line being banged up after the last scrimmage, with at least two of the projected starters being held out. But it sounded like it was more of a precautionary measure than anything.