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Boston College Football Preseason Roundtable 2016: Let Down Game?

Who could BC stumble against this season that we don’t expect?

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Tulane Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

As kickoff against Georgia Tech continues to creep closer, the staff at BCI talked about the upcoming Boston College season. Today we look at the games that may be a let down for Boston College this season. These are games that BC should win, but there may be something about the matchup that doesn’t sit well with our writers. Let’s take a look.

AJ: Wake Forest. Road game, the last game of the season. Wake always plays us better in Winston-Salem than at Chestnut Hill. I don’t know what it is about this game, but it has let down written all over it. Just hope that bowl eligibility won’t be on the line for this game.

Joe: UMass: I have no idea if UMass is going to be any good this year, but they will probably at least be somewhat improved over the team BC played two years ago at Gillette, in a game that was competitive until halftime. BC will be coming off the Ireland game, possibly with some jetlag and the potential for overlooking the Minutemen. UMass will be circling this day on the calendar. It could be a tough game.

Brian: Buffalo: This is a tricky spot on the schedule with the game sandwiched between a Howard-esque scrimmage and a home date with the preseason #2 team in the country. The Bulls haven’t been to a bowl game in a few years and have been pretty mediocre for the better part of this decade. While I’m sure Addazio will have the Eagles ready and prepared for UMass’ best shot, even coming back from Ireland, I worry that they won’t be as prepared or fearful of a similarly talented opponent.

Arthur: UMass: Between Georgia Tech the previous week (in Ireland no less) and Virginia Tech the next week, this game against a fledgling UMass team could very easily be overlooked. Meanwhile, on the other side, one has to imagine that this is hardly an unimportant game for UMass. I don’t think BC loses this game by any means, but one has to imagine that the Minutemen will put up a fight.

Grant: How has not one person mentioned UConn? We aren’t losing to UMass, Wagner, or Buffalo. Wake and Cuse are, as much as we’d not like to admit it, peer programs (at best) until proven otherwise (although I think we will). UConn is a tremendous opportunity for a letdown game. I’ve been beating the drum about this for months, but this is a rivalry game whether you all want to admit it to yourselves or not. UConn is going to be up for this game like it’s the AFL Grand Final. Ish happens in rivalry games. We’re better than UConn, but we could absolutely lose that game.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments.