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Boston College Football Preseason Roundtable 2016: Defensive MVP

Who will be the defensive star on a stacked defensive unit?

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

As the season gets even closer, the BCI writers did some thinking about the upcoming season. Today, we looked at the defensive side of the ball, and prognosticated on which player will be the MVP on that side of the ball.

AJ Black: Harold Landry. I like Matt Milano alot, don’t get me wrong, and he certainly could make some big plays for the Eagles this season. However, I think Landry is primed to be the breakout defensive star in 2016. He is quick, attacks well at the ball, and is going to be attracting double teams by the end of the year. I think a season with 7+ sacks, and some turnovers could be in the cards for this junior. Also, had a hard time keeping some of the key members of the secondary off my list, as I believe they may be in for an excellent season as well.

Joe: Matt Milano (LB): I expect BC to continue to be strong at the linebacker position even following Daniels’ graduation. Milano seems like a likely candidate to carry the load and become a star on defense. I believe he was BC’s leading vote getter in preseason all-ACC voting.

Brian: Harold Landry (DE): What I love most about the defense is the fact that they were so dominant last year despite a clear lack of star power on that side of the ball. A credit to Addazio and former DC Don Brown on maximizing the effectiveness of a unit really devoid of big names. The defense probably won’t come close to matching last year’s level of dominance, but I don’t think the drop-off will be that pronounced, either. I look at a guy like Landry to really have a breakthrough year and stand out … as much as one can stand out in BC’s outstanding pressure defense.

Grant: Harold Landry (DE): Lack of star power?? There was no lack of star power last year. This year will be no different. Landry is going to be an animal this year, and with the defense reportedly staying aggressive, that bodes well for Landry in particular.

Arthur B: Jim Reid (Defensive Coordinator): Yes, I know he’s not a player. But the reality is Jim Reid has some big shoes to fill following a season with a dominant Dom Brown defense. A good transition from the Brown system to the Reid system will be crucial. If Reid can institute a solid defensive system and makes the transition seamless the team will be better for it.

Eric Hoffses: Connor Strachan (LB): He is going to pile up tackles at the MIKE and will have a chance to add some sacks and interceptions as he won't come off of the field on third downs.

Do you agree with our choices? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments