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Weekly Kickoff: The “Farewell, New Guy” Edition

One of our own is moving on

Boston College v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

If you’re a regular reader of BC Interruption, you know that for the last few years, Dan Rubin has started every Monday morning with “the weekly kickoff” - a rundown of storylines to watch in the week ahead.

Well, we have one big storyline today: Dan Rubin is moving on to take an exciting position within college athletics. I’m sure he’ll be sharing more details soon, but feel free to offer up your thanks and congrats to “New Guy” as he moves on to greener pastures.

In his honor, this week’s countdown looks back at our three favorite New Guy memories:

  1. Weekly Kickoff vs. Florida State, 2014: New Guy teed up this post for a Monday morning, flew off to his honeymoon, and left us to deal with the aftermath: the angry swarm of #FSUTwitter invading our comments and our mentions. Good times.

2. Semi-annual trolling of UMass: It was too easy, really, but New Guy made a habit of making mostly reasonable, thought-provoking posts about UMass that had a trolltastic element to them, leading to some great “UMadd” moments.

3. BC baseball’s regional win: When BC baseball managed to shock the baseball world by winning their regional with a victory against Tulane, most of us at BCI were just as happy for NG as we were for the baseball program. His coverage throughout the lean years was top notch, and we’re all glad he got to cover such an exciting team this season.

Thanks for the memories, New Guy, and good luck moving forward!