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AP Releases All Time Top 100: Boston College Lands At #57

NCAA Football: Boston College at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

In a big reveal today, the Associated Press released their Top 100 programs of all time. The top of the list isn’t too surprising as Ohio State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Alabama take up the top 5 spots. But what is interesting is the middle of the poll, where the Boston College Eagles come in at #57.

To create the rankings the AP used the following formula: “To determine the all-time Top 25, the AP formula counted poll appearances (one point) to mark consistency, No. 1 rankings (one point) to acknowledge elite programs and gave a bonus for AP championships (10 points).”

In terms of other ACC programs, BC falls just one spot short of perennial dark horse NC State, while Syracuse comes in at spot #46. Based most likely on the fact that Louisville didn’t have an FBS program until late in the game, they are actually behind Boston College at 62, and Wake Forest is the lowest rated ACC school at 80.

The top ACC schools are no surprise with Florida State coming in at #9, Clemson at 22, and historic powerhouse Pittsburgh at 23. There are some other regional schools like Holy Cross who made the list at 85, Yale at 90, and Dartmouth at 87. UConn and UMass did not make the list.

The list is pretty interesting, definitely take a look and leave your comments below.