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Michigan Cancels Series with Arkansas. Could Boston College Swoop In For Easy Fix?

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Louisiana State Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the day, Michigan and Notre Dame announced that they had renewed their rivalry, one that ended in 2014. To do this, Michigan had to cancel their series with the Arkansas Razorbacks. This could actually be very relevant news to Boston College if they want to schedule another P5 school. On Twitter someone gave a list of all the schools that have openings in 2018 & 2019, and BC is one of a handful of schools that fit that criteria

Now looking at that list, there are other schools on there that are clearly better fits than Boston College in terms of profile of school, proximity etc. and the Eagles haven’t scheduled an SEC school since 1987/88 when they split a series with the Tennessee Volunteers, and of course they played Alabama earlier in the 80’s as well.

If BC were to schedule Arkansas, that would give them two power conference teams in 2018 (Purdue being the other), and technically two in 2019 (Notre Dame). Both years already have their FCS-sacrifices lined up with Holy Cross in 2018, and Richmond in 2019. C

If BC wants to seriously beef up their schedule, something fans have been asking for, this may be a place to start. The big question is, would Brad Bates be interested in this matchup, and would Arkansas?